Thursday, October 7, 2010

VFW PAC Endorsement

From: MORT KUFF - Registered resident of Florida and U.S.Navy vet - 1944-1946.

To: Col. Lee F. Kichen (U.S.Army Retired)

Re: VFW PAC endorsement of Ron Klein (Dist.22 Florida)

Dear Col. Kichen.

No one could be more outraged at the endorsement of Ron Klein by the VFW PAC, than I am. The singular, ill-advised action of this veterans organization cannot be justified by either Klein's inappropriate assignment to a committee whose actions affect this nation's veterans or by his voting record since sitting on that committee.

Klein, who never wore the uniform and never served in any branch of the U.S. Military Armed Forces, is just about the last person imaginable to be assigned to a House Veterans Committee because of his total lack of related experience, his absence of aptitude or his lack of pertinent qualifications.

His assignment to that position by Speaker Nancy Pelosi was all about the internal Democrat politics of the U.S. House of Representatives and nothing whatever to do with the condition or welfare of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

For the VFW PAC to endorse this candidate over retired LTC. Allen West, a decorated career officer in the U.S. Army, with 22 years active service that includes commanding troops in shooting wars on foreign battlefields, is simply unconscionable.

There must have been some behind the scenes shenanigans for this endorsement to have been perpetrated on the rank and file members of VFW. I've attended VFW meetings here in Florida and from the standing ovations that I have witnessed when LTC. West is welcomed each time he has appeared, I can attest to the universal regard and affection in which this man is held by local VFW members.

The VFW PAC would do well to re-think this egregious error and take remedial action, before they embarrass their fine organization in front of this nation.



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Eric Roberts said...

Whatever happened to that once great veterans organization called the VFW? Don't they vette the candidates they endorse or do they just support incumbents willy-nilly? To endorse three anti-military Congressmen here in Florida like Ron Klein, Alan Grayson, and Alcee Hstings is an abomination. Endorsing Klein over a 22 year year decorated war veteran like Lt. Col. Allen West is beyond belief. Anybody who is a member or a veteran should write and let the VFW know that they made a big mistake and they should correct it immediately.
Semper Fi.

Herb from Doral said...

This should frighten everyone! We still see people with power wiling to support Traitors like Klein who supports Pelosi & Hussein Obama. We need to show and vote these TRAITORS out of office! Grayson is a complete fraud. If we do not rid America of these Traitors, we will suffer for years with Obamacare & more!

Anonymous said...

The membership of the VFW PAC should be questioning their leadership, and resigning from this organization. If the American Legion or my FOP lodge did such a thing I would quickly pull my membership!

Ron Villani said...

It seems like two stalwart (formerly) organizations, the VFW and the NRA have sold their souls to the devil for some unexplained reason or perk. To support Ron Klein, Alan Grayson, Alcee Hastings etc. by the VFW and by the NRA supporting Harry Reid, you have a complete sell-out by two formerly patriotric organizations. I presume it's the leaders and not the rank and file who did this dirty deed? What a disgrace.

James J. Pirretti said...

Actually, this was done by the National VFW without consultation with the VFW in the State of Florida. I wrote to the State VFW and received a response that they protested this action to the National VFW and were not consulted in the process. I also wrote to the National VFW but did not get a response yet.