Monday, October 25, 2010


Most likely you've heard that term before, but probably didn't know the definition – just like me, until I looked it up.

It is defined as: “Anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or incompatible attitudes, beliefs or the like, in other words, seeing one thing and believing another”

Politicians (but mostly Democrat politicians) usually fall victim to this aberration. To listen to today's politicians, they all seem to be in favor of “balanced budgets”, but we still have unbalanced budgets year after year. They all seem to see the light and the righteousness of balancing the budget, but do just the opposite in practice.

President Obama keeps saying that in these dire down economic times, we should all make sacrifices, but then goes out and plays over 52 rounds of golf during these dire down economic times. Is that what you call sacrificing? Of course, even the President should enjoy some recreation/vacation time, but isn't it a bit much when you can do all that golf and also go on 4 family vacations at posh resorts over the summer when many others don't even have a job or an income? He should've set an example for the rest of us to follow.

Our foreign policy towards Israel is another case in point where “cognitive dissonance” is in play. Our leaders see and say that Israel should stop building settlements because it might rile up the “Palestinians”, but never mention the rocket attacks upon innocent Israeli citizens as the reason why the Israeli's are reluctant to negotiate with the terrorists. Seeing one thing but believing another seems to be the “modus operandi” of the Obama Administration.

To further illustrate my point, the movers and shakers in our government, realize that our education system is in dire straits, even with a record amount of money being spent to make education better, but then they ask for more money on top of the money they have already wasted by their failed educational policies. It's like throwing more good money (which we have very little of) down the proverbial rat hole. A perfect example is the Wash. D.C. Schools. About 5 years ago, Wash. D.C. Instituted a “school voucher” program, on a pilot basis, to give some kids (approx. 1,500 kids) the opportunity to attend a private or parochial school. From all indications, the parents (and the kids) loved it and the students attending these private schools were thriving in that environment. So what happens, the teachers union, the major benefactor of the Democrats, objected and convinced the Congress to pull the plug, with the acquiescence of Obama, thereby putting those 1,500 students back into the failing Wash. D.C. public schools. If that isn't “cognitive dissonance” than I don't know what it is?

The stupidity of the Congress and the stupidity of the residents of Wash. D.C., by voting out the Mayor and having the innovative school superintendent resign, shows that, in some cases, people deserve what they get. They “cut off their noses to spite their faces” is a saying that certainly describes the actions of these stupid people who are the poster children for the term “cognitive dissonance”. Agree?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Frank Langan said...

Take our local Congressional race here in So. Florida. Rep. Ron Klein (the incumbent) has to be aware of the economic suffering of his constituents just by observing the number of closed businesses and "For Rent" signs that poliferate around town. He goes out to campaign to tell people that the policies that he voted for are good for the citizens of his district. He has been part of the Congress, for the past 4 years, that has caused the massive debt and the disasterous business policies. All he seems to be able to do, to attempt to shore up his losing campaign, ,is to personally attack his opponent instead of defending the Obama-Pelosi policies he voted for. It looks like cognitive dissonance has come back bigtime to bite him in the butt.

Lauren said...

I often hear Democrats say "Politicians are all the same". Yet we see The Obama Family jet-set all over the world. Can you compare The Obama's to President Bush and Laura Bush? The Bush Family had more class in their dog than the entire Obama Family combined. The Obama's believe one thing, America is Racist. Yet, where has the Racism come the past 20 months? We see it from Obama and his connections.

Gazanya said...

You know what's really ironic about President Obama cutting funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships? If he hadn't gone to an elite private school in Hawaii, he probably would have been just another poor black hustla, like all the ones you see on street corners in places like Los Angeles, Chicago and D.C. It also speaks volumes that he and members of Congress (as well as a most of the teachers in the D.C. public schools) send their own children to private schools while dooming poor inner city minority children to substandard and failing schools that are the most expensive in the nation (over $11,000 per student, per year).

Blackladder said...

BHO go back to the home country from whence you emigrated, where your socialism and Islam are embraced. America has opened its eyes. We don’t want you or yours in our government. Your and your Czars are a national embarrassment Resign and get out.

Rank and File said...

Hey, he has to be careful! What if these kids were allowed to get a good education, and became self-dependent? They might discover they can succeed without welfare, and the other "keep the under the thumb" government programs! Hell, they might even stop voting Democrat!

blt1257 said...

The party of true ignorance strikes again. Why does the left seem to want to keep their constituents uneducated and indoctrinated?

Maybe they are a little easier to control if they are taught how to obey versus think, maybe feeding them conspiracy theories and Marxist rhetoric is helpful to the left?

The left really are a bunch of despicable miscreants, poverty may always be with us but they constantly strive to increase it at the financial and intellectual levels whenever possible.

Investment Property said...

The current Administration would not know a "Balanced Budget" if it was presented at a Black Tie affair. In fact they do not even have a budget, do they?
Also, yes, I agree with the Writer, Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Liberals cannot tolerate any opinion other than their own. They are the intolerant ones. Liberals mock others beause they believe they are above everyone else. Good Luck Chuck