Wednesday, May 12, 2010



It should be obvious to all by now, that our erstwhile “Fellow-Traveler Speaker-in-Chief” does indeed have criteria for the selection of his nominees to The Supreme Court. First among them seems to be, that the nominee be a female of one species or another - and ‘off-the-charts ugly. Secondly, that the nominee be totally bereft of any directly-related experience or demonstrated familiarity with, much less possessing any competence in the area of jurisprudence. Thirdly, that she (now and forever, it’ll be a ‘she’) is a FOB (Friend of Barack) and dedicated to all things subversive, with a record of proven opposition to The Constitution of the United States. After that and in no special order but, seriously taken into consideration - - thick ankles; unkempt hair-do; overall manly appearance; a healthy distrust of legal precedent and fellow Justices; a marked propensity for foreign despots who habitually espouse vitriolic hatred of all things American.

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Don Bacon said...

Where does Obama go hunting for these Helen Thomas look-alikes for the Supreme Court? Now we'll have three beauties on the court, soon we'll be running out of paper bags to put over their heads. Where are the environmentalists? Aren't they concerned about all the trees that have to be cut down to make these paper bags? Back when I was young we used to call these "beauties" fuglies. Enough said.
Mort, you were too kind.

James J. Pirretti said...

Why stick to the Supreme Court nominees? Janet is not exactly a beauty either. One other similarity: none are married - at least to a man.

MORT KUFF said...

Gentleman Commentors -

I read your two comments

With satisfaction and glee.

By adding my concurrence,

We now total three.