Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Obama has said that America has no right to impose its way of life onto other nations; I agree with that. Yet, he seems to have no compunction about imposing European-style Socialism onto our uniquely American way of life; I vehemently disagree with that.
I’ve just checked my notes - as part owner of this country (1/300 millionth share) I never authorized him to do that.

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William Schultz said...

Mort, do you think Obama cares what you or I think? He is hell-bent on trying to "transform" our country like all his friends would like our country to be, a European -style Socialist country. Who are those radical friends of his? Frank Marshall Davis, his Communist mentor as a teenager, Bill Ayers, a self-proclaimed terrorist, Rev. Jermiah Wright,a anti-white, anti-semitic pastor, Louis Farrrakhan,another anti-white Jew hater, and of course his official mentor,the "Father of Community Organizing", the late Saul Alinsky. What a gaggle of political and social misfits. We must vote out the enablers in the House of Representatives this November to be able to cut off his funds. We can start right here in the 22nd C.D. here in So. Florida by electing Lt.Col. Allen West. Let's clean the HOUSE!