Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Audacity of NOPE

Click on Picture for better Viewing

Click on Picture for better Viewing

Click on Picture for better Viewing

Artwork by Daniel Ackerman, Student at FSU (Florida State University)

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James J. Pirretti said...

You mean there are FSU students who are not under the spell of Obama!

Palm Beach Mortgage said...

Great cartoons! The message is clear and precise, protect our Country.

Anonymous said...

You go Daniel!! Keep using both your artistic talent and your brains. We need more involved young adults like yourself who can see clearly through all the media and gov't spin and deceit.

Kent Southlea said...

What a breath of fresh air that some of today's college students, like Daniel, are not under the spell of the socialist oriented, loony professors that infect our colleges and universities today. I hope Daniel will not be deterred from telling the truth, as he sees it, because of the liberal yoke of "political correctness" that most schools seem to advocate.

Daniel Ackerman said...

Wow, thank you so much! I am so happy right now! I just checked the site for the first time and saw such wonderful comments from all of you! I will do my best to keep churning out the correct message and not fall to the liberal hypnosis :-)