Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gabriella Speaks

A courageous Hispanic lady, a naturalized American citizen, originally from Mexico, speaks out to the Tucson City council. This is only a 4½ minute video. Please watch it and tell your friends.

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Philip Farese said...

Gabriela must be a racist according to our "open border" nitwits. We can all applaud Gabriela for going through the proper procedure and becoming an American citizen with the right attitude and a desire to assimilate in the country of her choice. All these "limosine liberals" who are condemning Gov.Brewer and the State of Arizona would be singing a different tune if those invaders were tramping through their property and threatening them and their families. Enough is enough, so let's get behind the citizens of Arizona and support them in trying to uphold the rule of law which the ferderal government refuses to do. Obama is A.W.O.L.

Net Lease said...

We should all listen to Gabriella. The Law is the Law. A great Video!