Friday, May 7, 2010

About the Gulf Oil Spill

For those who maybe wondering, it is clear, the Federal government is screwing up again, although I can not say this is particularly Obama's fault -- just the way the government works!

For almost the last 20 years, I have been involved with several products that quickly and completely collect, solidify and immobilize oil [hydrocarbons]. The products QUICKLY turn even crude oil into a plastic like blob that floats on the water, is not a danger to fish, birds or any other marine life. Exxon has been very happy with it, as have a number of other firms, BUT all the Coast Guard [the controlling authority] will allow to be used are DISPERSANTS -- i.e. soap, so the oil is not visible to tv cameras or people! The booms they are using only corral the oil, rather than the booms I have that wick oil in and get it out of the way. In fact, AFTER oil has been encapsulated, it can be BURNED FOR ENERGY in a waste to energy facility, giving more power than coal, and less pollution. While BP, Tidewater and others are not without fault, they can not put a TEASPOON in the water without SPECIFIC FEDERAL APPROVAL. Worse yet is that as the oil comes to shore, IF the dispersents are used there as well, the damage to sea life in the shallow water and marshes will not be pretty. I have proof that the government is acting this way so as to STOP 'DRILL BABY DRILL' but I know of no other reason -- of course there is stupidity, obstinacy and bureaucracy.

Research information:
The problem CAN BE HANDLED but the government system is tying everything up. I have been warehousing and selling these materials for almost 20 years. NoChar's bonders are THE BEST -- see since they work fast, and encapsulated material is not a waste but can be burned for energy. MOP, has some very effective absorbents, much better than others in their speed, completeness and easy disposability.

Submitted by Steve Sass

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