Monday, January 3, 2011

Why, I ask myself - - WHY?

WHY don’t we read or hear about the ‘kills’ by our military, of the terrorist thugs in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Isn’t that why our troops were sent to those hell-holes
by our military-genius Commander-in-Chief? We certainly get all the news about our
all-volunteer military being blown to bits by terrorist IEDs. Why are our very real
successes against the fanatical, blood-thirsty Islamo terrorists so under-reported, if reported at all? Can it be that the mainstream media is biased? Naw. Can’t believe that.

WHY is it that the Florida Sun-Sentinel regularly dedicates a page to all the nicey-
nice activities of ‘moderate Muslims’ or occasionally, to the ‘atrocities, attributed to the intolerant Western (Israeli and American) forces, against the poor Palestinians or other ‘peace-loving’ peoples of the Middle East? I don’t recall ever reading in the Sunni-Sentinel about the public whipping of women at the hands of their fiendish menfolk who are so devoted to their ‘religion of peace’. Or, have I just missed those articles? Yeah. I guess that’s it.

WHY is it that we dim-witted, tax-paying citizens of the United States never got an
inkling that the leaders of our nation were incurring those overwhelming, obscene
amounts of debt on our behalf to China, until months and months after the fact?
Who authorized that borrowing binge? Who checked with us before negotiating
away the futures of our grandchildren? What TV channels or newspapers blasted
all this information toward me that somehow, I managed to miss completely? Or,
is it possible that once again, the mass media was so pre-occupied with informing
us which new Hollywood films were raking in the big bucks during their first week
– that they simply neglected to cover this minor phenomenon that will have such a
devastating effect on our economic future in the immediate decades ahead?

I guess it is possible that our ‘borrowing habit’ was covered in 3-pt. type somewhere
in the double-digit pages of an obscure financial trade journal. ‘My bad’ I presume,
was not being aware of this and for not calling it to the attention of my local media
outlets. I recognize that news editors are constantly tasked with prioritizing all the news that’s fit to print. I just wish that someone were tasked to prioritize the editors themselves, based upon their ability (or willingness) to discern hard news from the ‘talking points’ of the Obama administration and the hard-left loonies of the vaunted Progressive-Liberal-Democrat-Socialist-Marxist-George Soros Party. Or, is that too much to axx?

WHY does Obama choose to rule by executive fiat, through a regiment of unelected,
faceless Czars who answer only to His Royal Highness? How does he get away with
ignoring his Cabinet and the Congress? Just asking?

WHY does this incompetent underachiever with no practical experience at anything
positive or productive, who now lives in The White House as our elected Chief
Executive, suffer such excruciating agony when making the decisions that he was
elected to make? I do believe that my question just answered itself. No wonder he occupies the hot seat behind that historic desk as infrequently as possible, between his vacation trips to exotic locations and foreign trips-to-anywhere, in order to avoid that growing pile of urgent ‘decisions-to-be-made’ on his desk.

He’s just fortunate to have the services of such a talent as his comic-sidekick, the
effervescent ‘VP of Gaffs’ Joe Burden, to keep the nation on an even keel while the Pres. sports around the world on Air Force One, mending relations with our enemies who frequently and loudly announce that they want us dead.

What wouldn’t I give for a latter-day Ben Franklin to provide us with a daily, single
page of accurately-reported news?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF
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Anonymous said...

No need to wonder. Socialist are in control of almost source phase of daily lives. They have been and are the heads of major government agencies and the White House. Nothing is going to change until all socialists are wiped out. In the meantime we are going to be spoon fed whatever they want. All of this is the result of our having been dumbed down for decades and to the point where we care more about Lindsey Lohan, Anglica Jolie, botox and lap bands, video games that we can't answer simple questions about our history. Some can't do simple math in their heads and need calculators; I saw this at work. Think I'm kidding; just ask. Even when we are given the answer, we still guess wrong. We are on our way to destroying American culture; just like ther German destroyed the jewish culture but without the violence. What's going to replace it ain't pretty. I truly hope that (1)the new Congress shows some backbone (2)they eliminate all the Czars, (3) that Issa does his job and puts all the corrupt SOBs in jail, (4) that we don't fall asleep again and (5)finish the job that's been started. It's just what I see and feel.

Bill Thiel said...

Mort asks why - I'll tell you why, 53% of the voters were stupid in 2008 that's why. Can you believe that this fraud in the White House and his Democrat lemming friends in the Congress, have rung up more debt in two years than all 100 Congresses and Aministrations before them combined? This "illegal alien" must not get reelected otherwise our democratic republic will be no more.

Benson links said...

Well Mort, America has the Media working for George Soros and commies. So people like Katie Couric care more for the Radical Muslims than she does about Real Americans. The People wanted this community organizer as President and all the info was out there on him being a Radical. People were lazy and/or Marxists.