Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ah! For the good ole days! If you've been around the block a few times like I have, you probably, at times, have used that phrase praising the good ole days. Of course, when we invoke that nostalgic feeling, we are referring to the positive things that happened in our lives not the bad or hurtful things. We seem to have a case of amnesia when we block out the negatives and just seem to remember the positives. That's human nature. To be objective, times were much less complicated back then than they are today, but we should “Remember” the positive happenings from yesteryear as we try to cope with some of today's problems.

I can remember......when two people disagreed it was considered a debate instead of a confrontation......when it was taken for granted that women, teachers, the elderly, and the clergy were to be respected, no matter what......when you took for granted the law would be enforced fairly regardless of who you are or were......when the Christmas holiday was just that, and not called a Winter Recess instead......when everybody wasn't “entitled” to free health care, free food, free housing, unless you were in jail or in prison......when you never apologized for something over which you had no control......when being sick meant you weren't feeling well physically......when ghetto's were called neighborhoods......when people could distinguish between music and gibberish......when the end didn't justify the means......when our politicians voted in the best interest of their constituents, not for their own personal desires......when the thought of America being a “loser” never occurred to you......when the students fought each other to carry the flag at school instead of fighting to tear it down......when a prayer was said in school and nobody was psychologically harmed (ditto the Pledge of Allegiance).....when only drunken sailors had tattoo's and not their mothers and sisters......when “pot” was something carried around by your neighbor just above his belt......when the young (and adults) said, “Thank You”, “No, sir (Ma'am)”, “Excuse Me” etc.......when being a success in life was applauded and not punished by taxing the successful excessively and by being called “greedy”......when history went back further than 9/11 and the Iraq War......when a teacher or a professor disseminated the facts in class and not their own personal political philosophy instead......when a President actually worked in the Oval Office instead of conducting government affairs on the 1st tee or on the basketball court.

I can remember those things, what can you remember?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Raymond Rowland said...

I can remember when the "Poverty Pimps" (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) actually led parishioners in a church.....when our foreign policy said that it was better to be feared rather than loved.....when other peoples achievements were considered to be an inspiration rather than a grievance.

Stop Marxism said...

I can remember......when people who disagreed with the President were called Hero's by the Left. Now disagree with the POTUS and you are a Racist!