Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wondered - - -

I wondered how our two local Jewish Congressmen Ted Deutch(D) and Ron Klein(D) felt about Obama sending the ‘moderate Muslim Imam’ of the proposed Ground Zero mosque in NYC, to tour the Middle East and solicit funding for the construction of that cynical tribute by the ‘religion of peace’ to the heinous actions by 19 radical-terrorist Muslims on 9-11?

I called the local office of Robert Wexler’s anointee Ted Deutch (District 19) and put the question to a staffer. ‘Sam’ who took the call, hadn’t spoken to Deutch about the issue but informed me that since it was a local NYC issue, the Congressman wouldn’t comment on it. When I informed ‘Sam’ that this was more than a ‘local’ issue since the U.S. Department of State was sponsoring this venture, he said that this is the first he’d heard of it – and said he reads the Sun-Sentinel every day. He inquired as to where I’d heard this? I didn’t have the dates or media sources at my fingertips so, I decided that if he is genuinely interested, he can pursue it on his own. He might learn also, about Secretary Hillary’s enthusiastic support of Obama’s action as detailed in her public comments on the decision.

A call to Ron Klein’s D.C. office (FL Dist.22) with the same question was greeted with equally weary response - “I really don’t know how the Congressman feels about this.” However, the staffer did express a willingness to take the question and get back to me with the Congressman’s response. I was thrilled beyond words at the offer. Lots of luck. I don’t need the ‘kiss-off’ of a meaningless form letter skirting the issue – even though it would be printed on ‘official’ U. S. House of Representatives stationery with a facsimile signature in blue ink, that might arrive in 4-6 weeks - especially knowing that it would be paid for with my own taxes.

So, here we have two Jewish Democrats representing two local districts, each of which contains sizable populations of Jewish constituents – and apparently, neither of them has a stated position on this crucial issue that is readily available for interested constituents. Each of these Democrats however, has stated his unequivocal support for the policies of House Speaker Pelosi and of President Obama, whose anti-Israel, pro-Muslim/pro-Islam policies are being proclaimed to the world as U. S. foreign policy.

Can there be any doubt about where Deutch and Klein stand regarding Obama’s strong support of radical Islam?

Now, you long-time, loyal (D) voters - aren’t you just so deliriously happy with this kind of representation that you want to keep sending such creeps and cowards back to Washington to help Obama destroy Israel? And, to convert the USA into a third-world Communist basket-case?

Are you kidding me? Or more to the point, ‘Are you going to continue kidding yourselves?’

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2010
Boynton Beach, FL

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Syd said...

You are spot on Mort! These Democrats keep sending creeps and cowards to Washington. How can any Woman be a Democrat? Their Leaders represent and/or appease the Sharia Law Muslims. Send every Democrat (and RINOs) packing!

Bill Rouse said...

There is a cure for these two bumbling idiots who represent us here in Florida. The cure is Lt.Col. Allen West (22nd C.D.0 and Joe Budd (19th C.D.). Both are non-lawyers (a big plus) and both have not held public office before as compared to the career politicians of Klein/Deutch. You will not change the direction of the country by sending back the same tired old politicians who got us into this financial dilemma in the first place. CLEAN THE HOUSE IN NOVEMBER (and the Senate too by electing Rubio senator).