Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beware The Tea Party

While the media has spent much ink and effort writing, mostly negatively, about The Tea Party movement their disinformation has not stymied this voter revolution. The TP impact has been felt from Delaware to Alaska and their initiative is only 2 years old. The warning that the left-leaning media has failed to receive is that they and their beloved Democrats are at peril for their continued campaign to discredit rather than listen to the message.

Tea Partiers are, like Democrats, mostly white, but hardly racist. They include Latinos, as do Democrats, but are not "Latinphobes" opposed to immigrants…only illegals. They are predominantly over 40 but are not the AARP crowd, and they include, as do the Democrats, teachers and union members, even some Hollywood-types and gays, though gonads are not their calling.
They are highly educated, mostly middle class, many are veterans, and they have little history as political activists. What they are not is yahoos or bigots or ignorant or haters.
What Tea Partiers all are is angry and frustrated with the direction in which our government is headed. They despise elected officials who see themselves as anointed, entitled and beyond reproach; office holders who pass major legislation they neither read nor understand; men and women whose bills apply to all except themselves; people who chatter about economics and taxes and housing and derivatives, courtesy of comments prepared by staffers, without the faintest idea of what their remarks truly mean. They resent a President and a congress that would beggar our children with impunity all in the name of party and power, and who promote a radical agenda that is counterintuitive and may wreck a capitalist system they admire.

This November those who belittle The Tea Party and denigrate their cause will pay an horrific political price for their obstinance.
Congress will lose dozens of "true believers" who will then learn firsthand how truly tough the job market is, how little publishers will pay for drab political biographies, and how few openings the private sector has for marketers and managers whose only "skill set" is legislating. And with any luck K Street, the hub of lobbyists, will not extend open arms to those who bit the hands that fed them.

Conservative Commentary by Richard Klitzberg

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Ken Mitchell said...

Great article, Richard! Did anyone notice that as Obama's poll numbers keep going lower and lower, the vitriol and venom coming out of the loony left is becoming louder and louder? The liberals never mention ObamaCare, Cap and Trade (aka Tax), the Stimulus, Card Check etc. All they seem to run on is how wicked and evil the Republicans are. The "politics of personal destruction" is alive and well among the frantic Democrats. Do they really think the "average Joe" is that stupid that he doesn't understand that the Obama policies are ruining our country? They all seem to be blinded to the facts by their liberal ideology.

Matthew Daley said...

Thanks for giving the proper information on the Tea Party. It seems like the past 2 years and beyond, has Democrat Leaders making the most Racist statements. How can we forget "she is a typical white person" or “negro dialect” ?