Monday, September 20, 2010


That phrase, that was first used by poet Thomas Gray in 1742, can be used to describe the people who ardently follow our “Appeaser in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama. A quick definition would be, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you so you’ll remain in a state of eternal happiness (bliss) by not knowing”.

But, little do these mind-numbed robots realize that by sticking to their flawed liberal ideology, they can’t see the danger that Obama’s policies foretell for our country.

A perfect example is the canned reply of most all liberals that it was Bush’s fault that we are in this dilemma today and that he left us with a tremendous debt. That’s partly true, but being ignorant of the facts, like most liberals are, they don’t realize (or refuse to admit) that in 1 ½ years, Obama has created more debt than Bush did in 8 years. This year’s deficit is approaching $1.5 trillion and will continue being over $1 trillion for years to come. Overspending and running up obscene deficits should be a red flag to anyone with half an economic brain to fathom that our country is heading to become another basket case like the country of Greece. But, remember, “Ignorance is bliss” to his Kool-Aid drinkers. He, Obama, can do no wrong and to say otherwise you must be a “racist” (the acceptable term used by liberals to describe anyone who questions the policies of the “Anointed One”). It doesn’t matter what the criticism is – its “verboten” to say anything negative about our fist black President. To do otherwise brings down the wrath of liberal media types, black organizations (NAACP, New Black Panther Party, Black Muslims etc.) and the “racial arsonists” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Sensitivity to any criticism of any black or Latino person seems to activate a knee-jerk reaction of the incendiary charge of “racism”. The misinformation put out by the aforementioned “racial hustlers” in the Shirley Sherrod case and by some “prominent white” Democrat politicians, is a perfect case in point. The accusations that Fox News was responsible for the leaking of her remarks before an NAACP meeting in Georgia earlier in the year were completely unfounded. In fact, even days after the event, Howard Dean, former head of the DNC, went on T.V. and accused Fox of fomenting the offending story. He had to be shamed on T.V. to admit he was mistaken, but not having any shame he continued on his “racist” rant against Fox News making himself look like a fool. He is the poster boy for the old adage of, “don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up”.

All the liberals who jumped on the fire Sherrod bandwagon could be painted with the “ignorance is bliss” brush, but being a liberal they will not have to say they are sorry because they are “better” than anyone else and they are beyond criticism because all their critics are “racists”. Alas, alas, alas! Ignorance surely is bliss.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Owen Kilgannon said...

Isn't it ironic that most of the Democrats who are running for election this November have suddenly changed their tune when it comes to backing the policies of Obama, which many voted for, and came to the epiphany that being fiscally conservative is the way to present themselves to the electorate. THEY ALL LIE, and they want the public to believe those lies to try to get elected or re-elected. They denigrate the Tea Partiers, but spout the tenets of the tea party movement. Don't buy their lies, vote for real change on Nov. 2nd. VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Naples Car Insurance said...

The Shirley Sherrod case showed how much money the USA gives for Political Correctness. Many of the so-called Black Farmers were not even Farmers.