Thursday, September 2, 2010

“Dreams of My Father’s Son”

(that would be, me) by MORT KUFF © 2010

Volume No. 2

  • I dream that Barney Frank finally marries himself.
  • I dream that all Obama’s Czars wind up behind bars.
  • I dream that next Tuesday, Joe Biden realizes just how stupid he is.
  • I dream that Henry Waxman is investigated - using a proctoscope.
  • I dream that Congress will stamp out the USPS.
  • I dream that Rachel Maddow gets a stiff reminder of what’s she’s been missing.
  • I dream that Blago gets his chance to squeal on the Obaminal Snow-Job.
  • I dream that in the future, we’ll see much less of boarish Michael Moore-ish.
  • I dream that Al Gore gets stranded on the ice with that lonesome, hungry Polar Bear.
  • I dream that Chuck Schumer gets a flat tire on the Cross-Bronx Expressway.
  • I dream that Henry Waxman gets his right foot caught in his left nostril.
  • I dream that Michelle-ma-Belle wins the Best-Clown-Costume-of-the-Year Award.
  • I dream that Atty Gen. Eric Holder is caught wearing one of Janet Reno’s old dresses.
  • I dream that John Conyers is found expired - a victim of strangulation by regulation.
  • I dream that Obama’s Aunt is refused entry into Kenya, because of her U.S. Passport.
  • I dream that Barbara Boxer is addressed as ‘Slut’ by a witness, because she’s worked for it.
  • I dream that Hon. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, is mugged in Baltimore’s Little Italy.
  • I dream that Rep. Keith Ellison is caught kissing Rep.Ron Klein; they’re such a sweet couple.
  • I dream that Florida’s Alan Grayson compares big mouths with a 14’ alligator – and loses.
  • I dream that Jesse Jackson, Jr. inherits his Father’s morals, value system and personal charm.
  • I dream that Rep. Chaka Fattah’s real name is revealed: Zelda May Lipschitz.
  • I dream that Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee whose brain is the size of a pea, is finally forced to flee.
  • I dream that Rep. Pete Stark of CA. is unable to find a cure for his hoof-in-mouth disease.
  • I dream that Rep. Jose Serrano, Cynthia McKinney and Robt. Wexler are caught in a ménage a trios.
  • I dream that Rep. Eleanor Holmes-Norton of D.C. snorts with sleazy old cokehead Marian Barry.

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1 comment:

George McCafferty said...

Way to go Mort. I have a dream that if Nancy Pelosi has another face-lift that she'll wind up with a Van Gogh, I dream that we should stop calling Obama a Muslim, we should call him an atheist instead, I dream that Harry Reid is finally going to run out of relatives to put on his payroll, I dream that Joe Biden will get a non-government job for once in his life before he dies, I dream that we elect a true American patriot, Lt.Col. Allen West, to Congress from the 22nd C.D. here in Florida this coming November.