Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ron Klein: Too dangerous? Too extreme?

Since the mid-term election on November 2nd, I've been trying to figure out why so many Jewish voters in Dist. 22 threw Ron Klein under the bus and voted for, Allen West (LTC. U.S. Army, Retired). After all, Ronnie was a loyal soldier, too. (so to speak) He served faithfully in Gen. Nancy's Army. He followed orders and did what he was told.

Was he too dangerous? Was he too extreme? Was it that he hung out with a rowdy bunch of gays and lesbians who ride tri-cycles (with training wheels)? Was it because he is such a potty-mouth and tells such lies? Was it because he voted for every tyrannical tax and salacious spending bill proposed by Obama and Pelosi? Was it because he is such a coward that he had to rely on Rat-'PACs' to put out that series of vicious personal attacks on his opponent and his opponent's family?

I find it astonishing that considering the many monumental legislative bills conceived and authored by Klein, bills that he so skillfully guided through the House to successful passage (I'm certain that such a list exists), there will be such a teensy-tiny void left to fill upon his exit from the Congress. How could that be?

How could this patriotic paragon who gave away so many flags that were flown over the Capitol, be so callously ejected from the halls of Congress by the voters of Florida's Dist. 22? Could it be due to the glowing endorsement of his candidacy by the Sun-Sentinel, despite his abysmal performance in the debate against Allen West at Lynn University? The same Sun-Sentinel just published a litany of 'pat-ourselves-on-the back' awards and kudos received by staffers for outstanding journalistic fetes. I scanned that list but somehow, missed the Pulitzer Prize that surely was awarded to political writer Anthony Man for his tireless, pandering coverage of Ron Klein's thunderously dull two terms in the House. Give credit to Tony; he is a skilled writer. He has mastered the art of writing volumes about Allen West with scant mention of his name.

In my rush to get through that exciting list of 'atta-boys', I guess that I missed the award given to the paper's Editorial Board, for its numerous courageous stands and unbiased treatment of LTC. Allen West throughout his two runs against Ron Klein. How those chaps and chappettes managed to be so scrupulously, unerringly fair & balanced (almost FOX News-like) is a signal accomplishment in this era of mawkish journalism.

Well, never mind all that. It must be obvious to anyone who reads and believes everything contained in the Jewish Journal, that the reason Klein lost this election is because Obama failed to fully explain the incumbent's many attributes to the 'tens of thousands' of dutiful Democrats here in S.E. Florida. The unfortunate result was, that these 'tens of thousands' of FDR Democrat voters who never got the word, were out-voted by those 16 Viet Nam vets riding their motorcycles and waving the American Flag.

Question? Will Klein abandon the Democrat Party ala Cholly Crist and run for the U.S. Senate as an Independent? Will the Sun-Sentinel try again? Next time, will Klein take a page from 'Pastrami Irv Slosberg's' book and give away deli sandwiches to garner support from the hungry masses in Century Village and King's Point? What will he do in a desperate effort to get back into the good graces of Debbie-Whatever Schmutz's gaggle of brave protesters?

Stay tuned folks. This guy Klein might appear slightly effeminate but, he's a tough and wily fighter with all the fire, brimstone and class of a Barney Frank.

Oh, by the way, Ronnie-baby - "How's your family?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF

P.S. Ron's Social Security number is available upon request. (only kidding, only kidding)

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James J. Pirretti said...


This is a classic, Mort! Great job.

As a former resident of the Florida east coast I was amazed that so many Jewish Dems abandoned their beloved Ronnie. However, I knew he was in trouble when I heard from a relative that her Jewish friends were sitting this one out despite the efforts of Burt Aaronson to get them to vote..

TexasAlpha said...

Yes Mr Mort. Ron Klein is extremely dangerous! This current Regime is in bed with the MSM and they lie (look at the Moratorium for Drilling) , steal (Most Politicians under investigation are Democrats, many from the Black Caucus) and cheat (ACORN, SEIU, Harry Reid, etc.). Klein just went along with all of that and the destruction of the Constitution (Obamacare!).

Frnk Smone said...

Remember when Obama's mentor, Rev. Jetremiah Wright, said that the "chickens are coming home to roost", well, Ron Klein, they have come home and with a vengeance to you and many of your fellow lying Democrats. You live by the sword and you die by the sword. You chose as your campaign theme that your opponent was "evil", but the voters of the 22nd C.D. didn't buy it. The voters chose well by sending a man of integrity to represent us in Wash. D.C., Lt.Col. Allen West, not a Pelosi wuss like you, Ron Klein. Mort's got Klein pegged to a tee.