Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Portrait of Arrogance

It is a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse. From Michael Vick and Eliot Spitzer to Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson, we are still amazed when people self-implode. Maybe because of our American spirit of optimism and can do attitude, we appreciate a success story. We sometimes become emotionally invested and more times than not, we bet long, when knowing human nature, we should sell short. We all love the 'feel good' movie with the Disney ending. Barack Obama was supposed to be the feel good political story of our lifetime. He was a young, smart, cool, black man. His hope and change promised to be the salve for a weary and needy nation. While he did not feel our pain, he inspired hope in many and promised change to all. Well, he was certainly half-right. Now his most ardent supporters have turned on him like a tiger tired of taking orders from a guy named Roy . The way the wheels have come off this 'Big Wheel', you would think he wandered on to the set of COPS and drove over a spike strip.

Like George Bush before him, he gave Robert Woodward white house access for his eventual book, 'Obama's Wars'. At first, I thought he was having an LBJ moment. When Johnson was asked why he kept J. Edgar Hoover in power he replied, 'I would rather have him in the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in'. (Perhaps a precursor to a famous Godfather line?) Obama knew Woodward's history. However, Obama felt and still feels supreme in his charm offensive. It never occurred to anyone in the administration, that he would not be viewed in a positive light. His maniacal ego makes it impossible for him to be wrong. Don't believe me? As a senator, Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention. When he walked off the stage he said, 'I am LeBron, I can play at this level'. When Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry complained that ObamaCare was HillaryCare reincarnate, Obama replied, 'Yeah, but this time you have me'. He told Richard Wolfe for an upcoming book, 'I actually believe my own bulls**t.

Once Woodward gave an account of an administration, and a president in particular, that was distant and indecisive; the journalistic gloves came off. The way the mainstream media took their cue from Woodward would embarrass real journalists. The pope of Washington 's investigative reporting would easily serve as their cover, protecting their precious access. The day the book hit the stands even MSNBC had some untoward remarks. Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Howard Fineman spoke ill of the president for the first time. From what I understand, the three people who were watching, told another three people, and those people told another three'.well, you get the idea how this could spread like the jaws of life. Time Magazine now calls the president, 'insular, incompetent, and clueless' as if it were common knowledge. Pat Caddell, a Democratic operative for the last 40 years, said this about the administration: 'These are naive idiots who've come out of academia and have never done anything real in their lives, and they are actually in power. These are the people we never let in the room when we had serious business to do. Now they're running the country.' That's going to leave a mark!

Desperation has set in like epoxy. There are boogiemen and straw men to fight. After 21 months of blaming Bush, he is now picking fights that truly diminish the office. His constant harangue on people and businesses shows his utter lack of respect for the office we hold so dear. He blamed Minority Leader Boehner, by name, for his failed policies. He blamed Fox News by name. He then blamed Karl Rove, again, by name. He blamed the United States Chamber of Commerce because they accept foreign money. The man is crazed and confused. Imagine George Bush blaming CBS or James Carville? The foreign money that the chamber accepts is legal and is in the form of dues. It is about $100,000. The chamber's advertising budget is north of 200 million dollars. Has Obama forgotten about 'The Center for American Progress', one of many such organizations funded by everybody's favorite currency trader, Hungarian George Soros? The man who has visited the white house the most times is Andy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU. I should probably mention that he stepped down from his position, now that he is under investigation by the FBI. Obama talks about the right trying to 'steal democracy'. Given the chance, he will steal America. With unemployment in double digits, does he not know that this might not be the best time to pick a fight with the Chamber of Commerce? People might see that as dysfunctional government with Obama putting party ahead of country. The country's economy is in the toilet and he is openly vilifying the Chamber of Commerce. I am glad the media is available to keep reminding me how smart he is.

Bill Clinton, with a Republican congress knew enough to move to the center and let the Republicans save his presidency. The Republican congress gave him the political cover to govern as a moderate. Obama may very well be in the exact same situation. However, for as brilliant as everyone says he is, he will be 100% clueless. As the quarterback, he knows only one play, 'student body left'. He is convinced that if he keeps lecturing us, that sooner or later, sometime down the road, in a galaxy far, far away, even we will understand.

The country has a severe case of buyer's remorse. Unfortunately, we cannot return the source of our remorse for two more years. Yes, I understand we have a receipt, but no refund will be forthcoming. This is not a test drive and we are way beyond kicking the tires. We are in the middle of a four-year lease and the best we can hope for is better mechanics to make the ride tolerable. As Jerry Seinfeld said to Kramer, 'I don't return fruit. To me, fruit is a gamble.' Well, call it sour grapes if you like, but we will have to pucker up for two more years before we can return this lemon. Hopefully, we will use our collective melons, to cherry pick a top banana, who is as American as apple pie. How sublime.

Written By Donald R. Schuman, Jr

Hat Tip to Fred Page

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Andy Camera said...

What a great portrait Mr. Schuman drew about the Narcissist we have living in the White House. It seems he's a walking advertisement for "Murphy's Law". He's become the laughing stock around the world. The only countries that like him are Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba and other assorted Socialist/Communist countries. There must be smoke where there is fire. How the Kool-Aid drinking "idol worshippers" can consistently support him is beyond me. We must find a cure to get rid of the "liberal gene" that has warped their minds.

Anonymous said...

"---but we will have to pucker up for two more years before we can return this lemon"---
WE didnt put him in and WE wont get him out.The bitch He put in the supreme court took care of the birth cert. thing so there will be no impeachment. Without a U.S Constitution all bets are off for the country to go back to a Const. limited REPUBLIC.