Friday, November 5, 2010

Honor and Integrity Prevailed

To my local friends and friends all over the country:

It was great victory all around the country. "We The People" have spoken. This is just the beginning. We shall continue to ensure our voices are heard.

With that being said, I am so proud to have been a part of the Allen West campaign. Unlike his opponent, Ron Klein, Allen West ran the most honorable campaign I have ever been a part of. Klein kept trying to take Allen down with the most despicable,evil character assassinations I have ever seen. The more Klein tried to take Allen down, the stronger and taller Allen stood. I, along with others, feared Allen may lose if he did not respond in kind. Trust me, we all sent information to the campaign that they could use against Ron Klein. Allen would have nothing to do with politics as usual smear tactics. He chose to run his campaign on "high moral ground". I trusted him, believed in him and spread the good word about my most honorable candidate. Allen West continued to stand tall and he set the example for me to stand tall as well.

This great man, LTC Allen West once said to me "When you stand upon the truth and principle, the evil does not matter. They are frustrated because I take their shots and stand. Matter of fact, we just keep moving forward regardless of their insidious actions. I am an American warrior, they ain't seen nothing yet."

I will never forget those words.... He was right....The evil did not matter.... Allen West, a man of honor and integrity prevailed!! A win for Allen West is a win for all Americans. The support for him from all over the country was astounding. The prayers and wishes sent his way were abundant. I know personally because I volunteered in his office and received these phone calls. His volunteers were relentless in their support and the support grew daily. He touched all our hearts and united everyone.

November 2, 2010 was a victorious night for Florida Congressional District 22 and America! This man of character will watch our backs, represent the will of the people and respect our Constitution. He will be "steadfast and loyal".

Congressional District 22 and America can rest knowing that Congressman Allen West will go to Washington for "We The People" and govern for, of and by the people.
Go West !!

God Bless Congressman-Elect Allen West.
God Bless his wonderful family (his wife, Angela, and daughters Aubrey & Austin) for lending him to America.
God Bless the USA !

Written by Tarina Rasmussen


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James J. Pirretti said...

Allen West for Senate!! Let's get rid of Nelson.

BellaPatriot said...

I have to give Florida some respect with Allen West, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. Good Bye CHARLIE (Crist) and slimeball Klein. Also Grayson is insane. Crist and the Democrats are all pawns for Pelosi and Obama!
I also agree, get rid of Nelson!

John Spellman said...

When the end justifies the means, as the Democrats seem to want to play the game, in many cases, it will come back to bite them in the butt, as it did with Ron Klein, our former disgraced Congressman. Even some die-hard liberals thought Klein went over the top with his personal attacks against Allen West. Allen West is the ultra-liberal Black Caucus' worst nightmare. Go get 'em Allen!

Ohio Car Insurance said...

What a breath of fresh air to have Allen West as a Representative of Florida. Thanks for the great article.