Sunday, January 22, 2017

Perception Manipulators

Popular novelist and author, David Balducci, has coined a phrase that seems to be on the money when describing what is going on in the dissemination of news and information in our country today, it is the term, “Perception Manipulators”.

That phrase, along with the phrase “fake news”, has reached epidemic proportions in our country today. This past presidential election was inundated with “fake news” and “perception manipulators”, which was mostly championed by the Democrats (a/k/a Liberals and Progressives). Day after day, week after week, the drumbeat, by the liberal media and the Democrats, of negative stories about Donald Trump, filled the airways and newspapers with stories about the “evil” intentions of Donald Trump. It didn't matter if the stories were true or not, whatever it took to make Trump look bad was the goal of these less than honest “perception manipulators”.

The news media, which was solidly behind the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, tried to paint Trump as being “evil” personified, while glossing over the illegal and shameful activities of “Queen Hillary”. From the results of the election, it seems that the vendetta against Trump failed miserably. Although being out spent by Hillary 2 to 1 and the editorial support of over 600 newspapers (Trump was supported by only 6 papers), the electorate propelled Donald Trump into the presidency by his winning 30 states, 85% of all the counties in the U.S., and winning 8 out of 11 battleground states. In addition, the G.O.P. now has 34 governorship's and a large majority of the state legislatures. It was a complete blowout for the middle-class voters, mainly in middle America. You could say that Obama presided over the demise of the Democrat Party, while he struts around the country giving farewell speeches to tout all of the “non-accomplishments” of his two terms in office. To say that Obama has a “tin ear” when it comes to what he believes are the accomplishments of his policies, is not an understatement of fact. Never have we seen such a narcissist, Obama, who occupied the Oval Office, be so oblivious to the truth and to reality. He is the poster boy for what David Balducci called a “Perception Manipulator”.

Even now, months after the election, the “lame stream media” are continuing their crusade against Donald Trump. A pseudo news blog called BuzzFeed, and breathlessly reported on CNN (formerly known as the Clinton News Network), they passed along an non-documented story about information that Russia had some salacious information about Trump which they might use to blackmail Trump in the future. This was and is a totally unsubstantiated piece of gossip, that was being passed off a fact, but it fit right into the category of “fake news”, which is what this editorial is all about.

It looks like this is going to be an on going problem for the Trump Administration for the next 4 years, but it has one thing going for it, a “non-politically correct” Donald Trump, who is not afraid to call out these purveyors of false gossip and give it back to them twice as hard. The “Perception Manipulators” who would do battle against Donald Trump, do battle at their own peril.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Donald Wirth said...

One of the most satisfying aspects of Trump's victory was the total rejection of the Hollywood elites and that former Nazi sympathizer, George Soros. The amount of money spent by Hillary and the unprecedented support of the uber-left morons on the left coast (Hollywood), showed that the people were fed up with the "perception manipulators". It is now up to President Trump to follow through on his promises that he made during the campaign. He seems to be doing just that, and it will mean prosperity for the U.S., now and in the future.