Thursday, January 5, 2017

Making "America Great Again," is a work in progress

With just a few weeks to go before we rid the country of
unpleasant liberal odor the present administration has been
trying to leave, a whiff of fresh air is starting to imbue the
country with renewed hope. We cannot relax yet, because
there is still time left to add to the damage already done.
Although I'm not enamored with the style in presentation by
the new incoming administration, its platform is reason to
feel and believe a new era is on the horizon, that will be more
beneficial in all aspects for the endeavors of the country and
its legal citizenry.

The First Amendment will no longer be wrongly hampered by
political correctness, but applied responsibly so as not to be

Any outgrowth of a religion causing havoc, will be identified
as a terrorist group from that seed, like ISIS and al-Qaeda,
instead of the perception they are Islamic missionaries and not
Islamic terrorists, because of President Obama's personal
sympathetic family connection with Islam, refusing to tie those
two words together.

The wall to keep illegal intruders from entering our country is
not going to be made of just brick and mortar, but it will be an
extended system at points of entry when legal entrants who
overstay their visas, become illegal.

Stop the unqualified from drinking from the government trough
and teach them to dig their own well, instead of using their
unproductive time to demonstrate for entitlements in rabble
rousing, professional organizations such as Occupy Wall
Street and Black Lives Matter.

When a structure becomes inadequate it is due for renovation.
The new administration is left to do the renovations, by gutting
or revamping our government structure.

Extensive work is needed in health care, trade agreements, the
economy, job creation, renegotiate or cancel treaties unbeneficial
to our interests and security, strengthening our armed forces and
rethink our foreign policy to regain the respect of the world we lost,
because of the weakness shown by the last administration.

"Make America Great Again" will no longer be a catch phrase, but
a work in progress!

Conservative column from George Giftos

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