Thursday, January 26, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

Room for one more meaningful
Museum on the National Mall?
Space was found to accommodate a National Museum of the
American Indian.  Also, space was found for the much-needed National Museum of African Art.  And recently, space was dedicated to the Chinese-produced statue to denote the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, on the grounds of the National Mall between The White House and the Washington Monument.
If these monuments to the various cultural heritages of the diverse peoples that comprise the populace of our nation can be happily accommodated on the rapidly disappearing open spaces of the National Mall, then it is incumbent upon the administrators of this hallowed National Park, to assure that space is reserved for the most important National Museum, yet to be created.
That would be, ‘The National Museum of Barack Hussein Obama & Michelle Obama Offenses and Transgressions Against The U. S. Constitution and The People of The United States of America’.
This new edifice will of course, be spacious and grandiose. What  space is required must be allotted, even if it means relocating The Natural History Museum to Anacostia, Mt. Vernon, a Dulles Airport runway or a P.G. County landfill.

      MORT KUFF  © 1-4-2017

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