Thursday, January 12, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

I’ve had an overabundance of and way
too much sufficiency of Obama crap.

My inability to comprehend the brilliance of Barack and Michelle Obama has spanned the entire eight-year period of their royal rule.  Their much vaunted, supreme intellects have somehow, eluded me. I cannot get beyond their pretentious pomposity, their thuggish attitudes and their utterly nonsensical Socialistic B.S., to see the brilliance that is so apparent to their followers.

In all my years on this Earth during which I believe that I’ve encountered pretty much the entire gamut of human characteristics, I’ve never seen two more sharply-defined examples of self-delusion and hubris.  They are a perfectly-matched set of racist miscreants.  The closest they should ever be permitted to approach any semblance of political power is the planet Jupiter – or maybe, a few thousand light-years beyond.

To categorize their twisted philosophy as merely ‘misguided’ is - to put it in the most vulgar terminology - like attempting to polish horse manure.  

If I never hear another sound bite from either of them, it will be too soon.

                                   Can you hear me now?

                                                                          MORT KUFF  © 12-27-2016

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1 comment:

George Rosenthal said...

Did you see that performance of Obama before an adoring audience of idolaters in Chicago for his final speech as president? He used the words me, myself, and I over 70 times to emphasize how important he was in trying to ruin our country. He is a narcissist personified, who milked the presidency, along with his wife, for all its worth. You could say that the lights were on in the White House for the past 8 years, but nobody was home. Good riddance, Barack Hussein Obama.