Monday, February 21, 2011


I know that I'm from a different generation and have a different perspective on life than the younger generation of today, but give me a break, how can you justify the nonsense that passes off as the norm today?

Take for instance the "music" that was presented at the recent Grammy's Awards. So-called "musical talents" made sounds and gestures that made no sense except that it brought attention to the performers doing the nonsense. Unintelligible, guttural utterances by outrageously costumed performers made it seem that the person watching this monstrosity was at a circus instead of a music awards program. The musical group "Lady Antebellum" was one of the few musical acts that performed in a "normal way". Too bad more groups like that weren't recognized as award winners. "Lady GaGa", a clone of the washed up Madonna, lived up to her reputation of being outrageous. Shouldn't her 15 minutes of fame be over by now? My generation of music, Rock 'n Roll, was considered artistically banal and evil back in the '50's, but compared to what passes today as music, it was like listening to an aria at the opera. I think they should "wrap up" Rap Music and send it back to Sodom ans Gomorrah.

Another area where we have regressed as a people is in how we try to enhance our appearance. Years ago, only "drunken sailors" had tattoo's, but today the mothers, sisters, and daughters have tattoos here, there, and everywhere. I guess there is a shortage of mirrors to go around so that these walking graffiti models can see what they really look like. But hey, I'm just an old purist from a different age who isn't "cool". Can you imagine what these tattoo people will look like 30 to 40 years from now after everything starts to sag. It won't be a pretty sight.

On the same theme, how can some guys walk around with their pants hanging halfway down their butts? Ridiculous is a mild word to explain that fashion aberration. Also, take some of the women today who's major contribution to "beachwear fashion" is how strategically placed "band-aids" can be placed to prevent them from being arrested by the police for indecent exposure. It seems like everyday is Halloween, especially in the schools where practically anything goes except for someone wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Jesus on it. Now that's a cause for alarm. What a country!

My final thought on some of the changes that has taken place, is the advent and acceptance of "political correctness" in our daily lives. As kids we used to play "Cops and Robbers", "Cowboys and Indians", and not one of my boyhood friends turned to a life of crime as a career or murdered anyone as a result of playing these "vicious " games. "Zero Tolerance" for anything that might upset another person or group is carried to its ridiculous extreme when a student, for instance, has a plastic knife or nail clippers or an aspirin tablet on their person and they are suspended from school. Maybe they should award degrees in common sense before some should be let in to work in a school?

Lately, words like "crosshairs", "target", "attack the opposition" etc. have been added to the "no-no" list because of the supposed violent connotation they supposedly imply. I think some people have too much time on their hands in order to come up with these immature and supercilious conclusions.

No, my generation was not perfect, but we didn't insult the intelligence of the average person by doing some of the "normal" activities that many are doing today. We are "defining deviancy down" as a prescient person once opined. Change is not always for the better, in fact, it could well bring down the intellectual and social fabric of our society to where civility and tolerance will be a thing of the past.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Stop Sharia Law said...

Political Correctness has helped to crumble society. Some pervert like Wanda Sykes can tell how she wants Rush Limbaugh to die! The Racist Liberals and the so-called President, Obama all laugh at that. Yet when a 16 year old white guy says an odd looking statute “looks Gay”, well Wanda Sykes is there to scold the kid and make fun of his mustache? Double Standard? Also I would much rather hear Connie Francis than that Zombie looking Baby GaGa.

Jack Reilly said...

Remember when teachers were looked up to even when their pay was woefully low? Well after watching the behavior of the teacher's in Wisconsin I have lost much of the respect I had for the teaching profession. Carrying signs depicting the Governor as Hitler and Mussolini was disgusting from these so-called role models. I thought only "Tea Party protestors" carried such hateful signs? What a bunch of hypocrites these "Pillars of the Community" turned out to be. In addition, can you imagine that these same protesting teachers were getting phony doctors notes to justify their absences from school? What kind of role models are these self-centered teachers going to be in the eyes of their students when they return to school? Shame on them all.

CO2 HOG said...

Years back Charlton Heston stood and read lyrics from rap songs and the lyrics were so vile, he was asked to stop reading. So it is okay for Liberals to make money off of rap but they don't want their kids listening to that trash. Times have changed for when the current Prez was elected, one of his buddies Jay Z Rapped with the N word, and furious profanity. Now Jay Z is at many White House functions. However, Tea Party People are not welcome?

Leslie said...

I agree with everything but the tattoo item. I'm 55 and I like tattoos, hubby doesn't, I have only one and would like another. I am not however a fan of the extremely tattooed. I'm of the opinion now that the ones without tattoos in the 80s are going to be the minority. Oh well. Anyway, the music and the pants hanging off these young men, only thing that's good for is they can't run fast when the cops chase them! I can't stand rap music that denigrates women and praises violence and drugs. School attire should be uniforms, I've seen middle school girls wearing what they call a skirt and bellys showing, how can schools justify this and how can the boys concentrate on school? PC is destroying this country very quickly.