Monday, April 19, 2010


That distinction becomes relevant when you read that some in the “liberal left” have proposed that their adherents infiltrate the “Tea Party” gatherings around the country and cause bad publicity, by sabotaging the movement by doing despicable acts or dirty tricks that would bring the wrath of citizens down upon the protestors as extremists, therefore eroding support for their ideas and complaints. They (the loony left) mention showing hand-made signs at the rallies that contain misspellings to show how uneducated and stupid the “Tea Party” people are, they suggest and encourage the infiltrators to use the word “Nazi” or use racial epithets to show how extreme they are etc., etc. Of course, they expect the liberal media will showcase those aberrations as being part of the “Tea Party” movement when, in fact, they are perpetrated by the liberal left thugs, in many cases the members of S.E.I.U and other goons hired by the Democrats surreptitiously. This is right out of the book by Saul Alinsky called, “Rules for Radicals”, who’s teachings were followed by Obama as he matured.

That is not “disagreement” with the views of the people who attend the rallies; it is outright, elitist “disdain” by the very people who verbally champion tolerance and peace as part of their misguided progressive dogma.

Why all the excess attention by the “loony left” toward this grassroots group that is trying to exercise their First Amendment right to seek redress from their government about big taxes, big government, big brother, big health care costs, and big deficits? Why do these advocates of “tolerance for all” fear the message these “Tea Parties” are putting forth?

My take is that the liberals can see the writing on the wall that the “Average Joe” citizen in the street protesting (not the elitist left) has hit a responsive chord with the American people. All the polls show that the Democrats are headed for a political, electoral “bloodbath” this coming November 2nd. If the trend continues, the shape of our government will be cleansed by sweeping out of office the tax and spend, budget-busting legislators who have given us a $13 trillion deficit (and rising) with no logical way in sight of how to pay it off.

The promises made by our “Narcissist in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic Congressional leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have been found to be lacking in credibility and truthfulness. It seems they all have been infected with the malady called “mumpsimus” (which I wrote about recently IN THIS EDITORIAL) whereby they continue to cling stubbornly to something that is wrong even when he/she know it is wrong. Who, with any brains or common sense, can believe someone who tells you that your taxes will not go up “by one single dime” even though you will be spending over a trillion dollars on a health care plan that is a mish-mash of non-medical political gibberish concocted to give benefits to certain special interest groups?

Of course, people or citizens should have the right to disagree with others, but when you include the verb “disdain”, and use it in your dialogue or description of others, you announce to the world that you’ve lost the argument and, therefore you must resort to the tactic of using the “politics of personal destruction” to try to overcome their lack of common sense and ethical reality. Shame on them, but then again, they have no shame!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Palm Beach Jumbo said...

Yes Chuck, you are right. The 3 Stooges, Obama, Reid & Pelosi have utter disdain for the average American Citizen. They think we are too stupid to know what is good for us. 2012 can't come fast enough.

John Sisco said...

I guess the swamp needs draining again after the Democrats have been in charge these past 3 1/2 years. The disdain they show toward their opponents is misdirected anger, they should look in the mirror and see where the disdain really belongs. The "Three Stooges", Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are going down this November along with their socialist programs. Let's CLEAN the HOUSE and SENATE and sweep out the riff-raff..