Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rant About The "Anointed One"

Dear Editor,

The hesitation and confusion exhibited by this President as he fumbled to answer even such a straight-forward reporter’s question (would he name one or two of his favorite Chisox players?), was so typical of this man’s tactic of obfuscation as to be painful.

To be fair – and isn’t that what we should all strive for in evaluating this Muslim miscreant, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-Islam, pro-Arab, pro-ThirdWorld status, nice-clean-articulate-long-legged MackDaddy and pitiful apologist for the greatest nation ever to exist on this planet – to be fair, I believe that BarackHusseinObama’s only association with baseball in the Windy City was when he was being briefed by one of his Marxist mentors about the non-existent racist aspects of the infamous 1920s Chicago Black Sux scandal.

If there was ever a switch-hitter in the White House, it is this Leftist who is never right - - except when he swings his B.S. bat.


P.S. Although proof is as scarce as his academic records, I believe this son-of-a-bitch is as gay as Barney Frank. He drinks, he smokes and he sux.
Submitted by Mort Kuff

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Joe Horlen said...

I wish Mort wouldn't hold back his feelings. I'm sure he could've said some negative things about our "Panderer in Chief" Barack Hussein Obama if he wasn't so kind. No doubt the wusses on the left will point to Mort and say that his words prove that the right-wing is full of hate for this President. Well I believe that Mort, and the rest of us, really do "hate", but it's not Obama the person (would the word dislike be more appropriate) it's Obama's policies and what he is doing to our country that we hate. Can't the liberals get that through their thick heads?

Joseph said...

Great rant Mort. This pathetic excuse for a president deserves every adjective you hurled at him. When will the Nation wake up and see that he is not the unifier-in-chief but Obama the Destroyer? When will folks wake up and smell him for what he really is: a liar. Keep the rants coming, sir. Spread the word that November is only months away.
Joseph Maldonado

Anonymous said...

I've just read my rant about the 'Anointed One' and I must say, "I agree with myself, completely."