Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conservative Quote of the Day

"Obama has blamed Bush again and again for the problems we have now. He never mentions that the Democrats (including himself for two years) have controlled the Congress and Senate since 2007. I think the "Statute of Limitations" has run out on Obama being able to blame Bush. Get real already!".

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Don Bacon said...

Never has so much been spoken with "nothing" said that makes sense, that our President, "The Narcissist in Chief", should have gotten the Nobel Prize for B.S. along with his "well earned" insignificant Nobel Prize. Can people be so blind that their brain cannot distinguish what their lying eyes see?

NNN Florida said...

Right on! After the 2006 elections, the greedy DEMs have been in charge. When they were warned about the Housing Crash, Dems used their best Alinsky tactics. They called Bush racist for warning about corrupt Fannie & Freddie.