Monday, May 11, 2009

We are giving more Cash to ACORN

More moola to ACORN? Does this blow your mind?
I, Kirk, personally have emailed this new president and said it is atrocious to give one penny to ACORN.
What about Tom "Bro call", KITTIE Couric, Matt Liar, I mean Matt Lauer. Those "American television journalists" (allegedly) and others should be tearing into the ACORN stories. How could any good, decent American not speak up about ACORN and their tactics?
Please read the remark, below, by the intelligent, courageous, Michele Malkin. Yes, she is easy on the eyes but I digress.

Conyers chickens out of ACORN probe
By Michelle Malkin
Democrat Rep. John Conyers backs down from his pledge to investigate ACORN fraud: Bok, bok, bok.
Matthew Vadum zeroes in on the right question: What happened in a mere two weeks to change Conyers’ mind? Did he get a call from friends of ACORN in high places? Did he get something else? Why drop the call for a congressional probe in the very same week that ACORN criminal charges have been filed in Nevada and Pennsylvania?
What gives? Or who gives?
Related ACORN news: $53 million taxpayer funds for ACORN since 1994 and now the group is eligible for up to $8 billion more, according to Kevin Mooney at the Examiner.
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