Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Follow The Money

From what we see and read in the news media, and what is produced in Hollywood, you’d think that global warming is a “fait accompli” and that no further debate is needed on this very debatable subject. Wait! Not so fast! Who gave them the right to close debate on this subject?

Before we all follow the “doom and gloomers” into the dark ages, let’s hear what others have to say about our “impending demise”. Thousands of years ago, we were in an Ice Age - the ice melted and there were no SUV’s ( Sports Utility Vehicles). According to climatologists and scientists, in medieval times the Earth was warmer than it is today –
still no SUV’s in sight and the industrial revolution didn’t even begin as yet..

Remember also, Greenland was named by the Vikings for its lush landscape, not its ice and snow coverings, as it looks today. In the mid- 1970’s, the same “ chicken littles” were championing the theory of “ global cooling” - that theory went bust, but over the past few years these same people have regrouped and are now championing “ global warming”. What a difference a few decades make. Two totally different theories in just over 30 years.

Remember the phrase, “follow the money”, well, by scaring the daylights out of the public, millions of dollars of our tax money has been given to the global warming “scam artists” to find ways of averting a “non-threatening” disaster, mainly by giving them research grants to prove the non-provable.

What is the real agenda of these so-called environmentalists and tree hugging enthusiasts?

Are their motives to really to save the planet or is it to install an economic system more to their liking? They are anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise socialists. If we acceded to the demands of these “environmental whackos”, we would decimate our standard of living and cause a world-wide depression, making today’s hard times seen insignificant in comparison. The proposal of Congress and the President to institute a “cap and trade system” to punish businesses who use fossil fuels and energy, in conducting their business, by taxing them unmercifully, is right out of the “Communist Manifesto” of Karl Marx.

I’m sure most people, who now sympathize with the alarmists and their scare tactics, would rebel at the consequences that will come about once they are educated and informed as to the real magnitude of the “Greens” misguided solutions. Hopefully, it won’t be too late.

Maybe the Oscar winning movie producer and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore, should have titled his pseudo – documentary, “A Convenient Lie”, for in essence, that is what it is, a means of gaming the system to extract money from a gullible public under the guise of a noble “nonexistent” cause.

Yes, our global climate, in some areas, is warmer by about one degree over the past hundred years, but in some areas, like the Antarctic, the ice cap has been increasing and it has been getting colder. Does this climate change give us any reason to panic and call for a complete change in the way we live our lives? Is it man-made or the normal evolution of nature? For every scientist or climatologist who champions global warming
(euphemistically called “climate change” now, so they can call whatever happens, climate-wise, in the world, they can now have a catch phrase to describe it), there are many more who challenge that theory and the “dire consequences” that the alarmists are trying to sell. You make the call, but remember, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Anonymous said...

This is all bs as Gore makes huge money from his trips around the world, giving lectures on scare tactics. Why is it these Gore, Pelosi and Obama people waste far more energy than the average American family. Then they want to punish us with high gas prices, cap and trade and other Marxist agendas.