Monday, May 25, 2009

Colin Powell

Did you see Powell on T.V. this weekend? I found it amusing that Powell said his decision to back Obama was not based on race but rather he said he wanted to bring the GOP to the center again.

Well, as I see it, the GOP nominee, John McCain, was regarded as a moderate and was as far from the right as you could get. And yet Powell backed Obama – the most liberal member of the Senate – over McCain. Now I see how it works. You back the most liberal Democratic Senator in the Senate over a moderate Republican and this somehow will bring the GOP to the center. Great logic, General. It seems to me that Powell is disingenuous at best. And yet, the talking heads give him a free ride.

Submitted by James J. Pirretti
"Chuck on the Right Side"

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. More evidence of PC garbage. Semi-Colin gets a free ride too often from the "left wing radical media". There is no way he should be considered a Republican (even a Moderate Republican) after going against McCain and pushing Nobama.

Anonymous said...

Powell wants us all to be gung ho Democrats. How could anyone, Republican or not look at themselves in the mirror after voting for Obama. Powell should be worried about his legacy. He back stabbed McCain and voted for Barrack Hussein Obama? Distasteful and disgraceful

Florida Car Insurance said...

It is a shame that he would Powell would turn his back on a fellow Veteran who supposedly had much in common with Powell. I only see one that that Powell has in common with the other guy.