Monday, August 9, 2010


Isn’t it ironic that the secular progressives (a/k/a atheists) are so in favor of the Muslims building a gigantic mosque at ground zero by invoking the 1st Amendment, but couldn’t or wouldn’t care less if it was a Christian or Jewish religious building that was an issue in a dispute. On the other hand, they probably would demonstrate against it.

This “political correctness” nonsense in this case will be the death of western culture and civilization, as we know it. Why do they (the Muslims) demand tolerance from us but don’t reciprocate by being tolerant to us? Suppose we wanted to build a church or synagogue in Mecca or Medina, would they be using the equivalent of the 1st Amendment to welcome the building of those edifices in those cities and the country of Saudi Arabia? Of course not, only “schmucks” like us would be so accommodating to people who, in the most part, hate us and in many cases want us dead because we are considered infidels.

Why do we have so many wusses in our midst like Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Governor David Paterson and the ACLU who fall all over themselves to approve of this “poke in the eye” mosque near ground zero? That indictment also goes for the “appeasers” who are on the Zoning and Planning Boards of the City of New York and the Landmark Commission as well. All of these wimps should be ashamed of themselves for caving into the pressure from the radical Muslim organizations. What are they afraid of?

The only avenue left to right thinking citizens is for the people to rise up and put their feet down and say “hell no, we will not permit this mosque to be built a block from ground zero”. You can do that by organizing the building trade unions of the City to refuse to work on the demolishing of the building and construction of the mosque in its place. If they can’t get workers to build it, it will not be built as a monument to the perpetrators of 9/11. It is a well known fact that radical, militant Muslims like to erect mosques on or near the site of their conquests or victories. The murder of 3,000 infidels on 9/11 was considered a victory for these warp-minded people and the mosque near ground zero will be their monument of that victory.

We must not let this happen. This goes beyond partisan politics – neither Democrat nor Republican should tolerate this symbol of the 7th century crackpots who couldn’t care less about human life. If we fold like a cheap camera on this matter, it will only be a short time before we no longer will be the United States of America, but we will be ruled by people who will impose Sharia law in place of our Constitution, like what is happening in many countries in Europe today. Is that what we want for our children and grandchildren? I would hope not. Let’s put the pressure on and work together to stop this abomination at ground zero.


Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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John Wrenn said...

Isn't tolerance a two-way street? This "shady" Islamic group that wants to erect a massive mosque near ground zero only purchased this building this past year (the N.Y. Post reports that they really don't own the whole property, some of that property is owned by Con Edison). Couldn't they find another site in the city? Of course they could, but they knew that they are dealing with weak, politically correct, appeasers, who are afraid of them. Maybe we should get a group to buy the adjacent buildings and put up an abused women's shelter and a gay community center. I'm sure the Imam would welcome neighbors like that because they are so tolerant.

Stop Marxism said...

Great article Chuck! Americans better wake up before it is too late & our laws are changed to benefit Radical Islam and to suppress other religions in America as they are now being suppressed in Europe and the world.

Fire every Democrat! said...

Kudos to the few people like Chuck & Pamela Geller for their bravery in bringing to light this lack of sensitivity towards the 9/11 victims and their loved ones and America.

Anonymous said...

Just today spoke on the subject with my liberal “patients”. To their credit the majority of them oppose the idea. The few supporters invoke all sorts of legalese from 1st Amendment to zoning conformity: they (muslims) do not break any laws thus, should be allowed to build. This adherence to the letter of the law is quite commendable from the people who are very dismissive of ACORN voter fraud and Geithner/Dashle/Rangel-type tax gymnastics. There is a proverb in Ukrainian (sounds in rhyme in that language): The law is MY buggy – it goes where I pull it to…

Dmitry Levin
Boca Raton, Florida USA

Range Rover Florida Insurance said...

Looking back this should have been the wake up call to New York. This Mayor must go!