Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here's what I believe:

I believe there is an unspoken-of phenomenon - an invisible, clandestine thuggery - that is being waged all across this country, even as this is being written.

The results of this creepy business are manifested in the recent cascade of unbelievable, untenable capitulations by so many cowardly, corrupt, co-opted elected officials, regarding their approvals of new mosque construction and the placing of known Islamo-radicals into positions of public trust. This is a conspiracy theory that I readily claim as my own and for which I make no apology.

It is my strongly-held belief that radical Islamo operatives (Imams, clerics, agents and/or home-grown-Muslims indoctrinated in radical Islam techniques and tactics) are actively engaged in both outright bribery and intimidation of elected officials at every level of our government.

The bribery of unprincipled, self-serving officials can come either in the form of cash placed directly into their hands - or, in the form of political support, upgraded positions, or gifts and services of significant intrinsic value, provided to them directly or indirectly. In any case, the reprobates who betray their public trust, become bought & paid-for tools of radical Islam. Thus, they are doomed; their fates are sealed.

The intimidation can take the form of actual, direct and explicit threats on the lives of the officials or their families. This is a most effective technique that strikes terror into the hearts of the targeted officials, for both their own physical safety and that of their families and friends. Another technique of intimidation is the threat of exposing the targeted official's sexual indiscretions, gambling debt or other embarrassing or illegal, career-ending activities.

And of course, this intimidation is so very real, so imminent and so potentially damaging that the corrupted officials would rather die than confess that they have been so co-opted. Their fears are genuine and well-founded.

It is a major failing of far too many members of the so-called, 'Third Estate' (the mass media) that they have been unwilling to probe into the motivation of officials who have curiously, come out in support of such obvious threats to our justice system, our personal freedoms and our traditional American way of life. Freedom of the press is well on the way to being destroyed at the hands of those reporters and journalists who place a higher value on 'political correctness' and far-left doctrine, than they do on their jobs or in the full reporting the true facts. If we lose our rights as described in the First Amendment and 'guaranteed' by that clause in The Constitution, it will be in great measure as a direct result of the cowardice, misdirection and malfeasance of those members of our mass news media who are failing so miserably at doing their job.

MORT KUFF (c) 2010
Boynton Beach, FL

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Right Wing Capitalist said...

The State Department is using OUR tax money to support Imam Abdul Rauf's efforts to realize his dream of a mosque near sacred ground of the former World Trade Center, which was destroyed by Radical Islam. The BHO administration wants to hurt America!

George Koehler said...

Where was the "Third Estate" when that "Journolist" revelation came out that members in the media were coordinating their activities in support of the Obama Administration and against the Republicans, and namely Sarah Palin? And the left-wing liberal Democrats complain about Fox News and conservatiove talk radio as being anti-American and biased when they are the poster children for championing partisan dirty tricks and then blaming the conservatives for what they do on a regular basis. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Nina in MA said...

I started reading the "Muslum Mafia" and can only read a few pages at a time as it makes me nauseous to read. It is absolutely unbelievable how many of the muslums have infiltrated high offices in this government and why they are doing it all the while lying to the politicians brainwashing them into thinking that they are a peaceful "religion" (while they kill us). I also believe in the "conspiracy" and I'm certain many others do.