Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Need Some Global Warming Here in St. Pete

Today when I went out this a.m. it was 40 degrees in St. Pete. Looking at the weather report I saw that it was 20 degrees in Chester, NJ (a previous residence), 14 in Chicago, 18 in Louisville, and 23 in New York City. Plus, I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of snow in D.C., Maryland, and assorted other places. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and NO I do not miss the change of seasons. A number of years of plowing out and shoveling a 450 foot driveway cured me of the change of seasons disease.

And yet even after two back-to-back years of cold, snowy winters and statistics showing we are in for a decade of lower temperatures, we still have that blowhard, Al Gore, along with his mindless followers saying we are in danger of global warming.

Well, I saw this musical tribute to Al Gore on You Tube I thought you might enjoy.
Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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