Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We’ve passed the end of Obama’s first year in office and it is getting eerily similar, in nature, to the disastrous Jimmy Carter Administration.

With unemployment in almost double digits, a foreign policy seemingly directionless, decisions not being made in a timely manner, and a “malaise” throughout the country, is this the “hope and change” Obama promised and which voters voted for in 2008? I think not!

It seems that his “apology tour” around the world has made him some temporary friends, but not much respect from the leaders of the world, even among some of our allies in Europe. The outrageous spending proposals that Obama and the Democrats have put into effect, thereby driving up our deficit to over $1.4 trillion in one year, has frightened some of the countries who do business with us, especially China who has over $800 billion of our debt. They should be worried.

A rational person, after reading the “tea leaves”, would attempt to scale back and try to be fiscally prudent, but no, it’s full steam ahead with a monstrosity of a health care bill that would add $10 trillion of debt over the next 10 years. In addition, add to that the climate change bill which recently passed in the House of Representatives, called “Cap and Trade” (it really should be called Cap and Tax), which will raise taxes on everyone, not just the “evil” rich, who uses energy to heat their homes, to power their cars etc. But, then again, what would you expect from a person with the experience of a “community organizer” and a nondescript first-term Senator who had a tendency to” vote present” instead of taking a stand on controversial issues.

Did the citizens of the U.S. vote for the “transformation” of America that Obama is trying to foist upon us? The more the people realize what is being proposed and how it will affect them; they are rising up and saying “no way Jose”. That was the major motivation behind the hundreds of thousands of protestors at the various Tea Parties around the country this past summer. Even some die-hard liberals now seem to be getting “buyers remorse”. They should be asking for our forgiveness for being duped so easily.

During his first term in office, Obama is setting out to be as inoffensive as possible. That’s exactly what President Jimmy Carter tried to do with about the same results. The Obama “Apology Tour” hasn’t reaped any substantial successes among our friends or foes around the world. I think those countries don’t see strength on the part of U.S foreign policy, but they do see weakness and indecision. The Russians, Iran, No. Korea, Venezuela, and even France have all questioned our foreign policy or lack thereof.

Of course, President Obama, with a limited amount of foreign policy experience, keeps claiming that he inherited the “mess” we’re in – It’s Bushes fault, as the monotonous strain of blame goes every time he gets rebuked by the world’s leaders or gets questioned by the media. It’s a “joke” that has dire consequences for our country. Instead of emulating the strong leadership of Ronald Reagan, Obama has hitched his wagon on the policies of Jimmy Carter. I guess the old expression of, “Those that don’t remember the past are bound to repeat it” is the expression that puts Obama’s domestic and foreign policies into proper perspective. It looks like its “déjà vu” Jimmy Carter all over again. May heaven help us!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Bill Rouse said...

Why do Democrats, liberals, progressives, the "lame stream media", and other assorted kooks, loons and elitists, always paint their opposition, such as Republicans, conservatives, and other really smart, knowlegable people, as being stupid, dull, insensitive, beligerent, irrational and other assorted misnomers? Are they that insecure that they have to resort to the ad hominum attacks when their distorted values are challenged? I think they really harbor a lot of guilt so they lash out at the common sense solutions offered by the people on the right, because they know they are right. The lefty loons always point to their leaders like Carter, Clinton, and Obama as geniuses or close to it, while they paint the practical, common sense leaders of the Republicans as candidates for the rubber room. Boy, how things will change this coming November.

Mark @ Israel said...

The administration need not make decisions based on our whims and desires. I think, the change they want to realize is far from the change we expect them to push through base on the previous administration. What is happening right now is the beginning of the change they promised. Let us see how such CHANGE UNFOLDS!

Stop Marxism said...

Yes, Obama has passed Carter as the worst President ever. He is against the EVIL rich but why doesn't he attack Hollywood? He should gouge their paychecks like he does to Wall Street and will do to us. The pay CZAR should be all over the many no-talented Hollywood Thugs.