Friday, February 5, 2010


My first wife, Linda, used to preach to our children the following mantra: "Responsibility. It means taking control of your own actions." Her idea was that every child must face up to whatever he (we only had boys) does and not to blame others. She repeated this lesson frequently and our sons would repeat it by heart. I hope they learned their lesson from these words and I wish that President Obama would learn the same lesson.

Obama has been in office for more than a year and has spent almost 3 trillion dollars on "stimulus" that does not stimulate the economy but just results in more and more pork for his pet political projects. Obama and his friends claim that the stimulus has added jobs. However, these jobs are nonexistent when you consider that every month the BLS has shown that more jobs are being lost than created. In fact, Investors Business Daily has tallied that the cost of each job created under Obama's fuzzy math cost $246,436 per job.

Just these past two weeks Wall Street has taken a sobering look at these statistics and has fallen more than 600 points. President Obama speaks and the stock market drops! And what is Obama's response? Blame President Bush! I guess, according to Obama, it is President Bush's fault that the 3 trillion dollar Obama plan has failed. I guess it is President Bush's fault that we are going bankrupt because of his excessive spending. When Obama speaks he may result in Chis Matthews feeling a tingle going up or down his leg. But when I hear him speak I feel fear that my children and grand children will face an economic catastrophe of incredible proportions.

My message to Obama. Learn about responsibility. Accept the consequences of your actions. Be a mature person and stop blaming others for your failings. When you are wrong accept it and learn from it. Stop blaming Bush for the hole you are digging us into. President Obama, it's called responsibility, taking control of your own actions.

Written by Jim Pirretti

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