Thursday, July 2, 2009


We all heard from Obama that unemployment would rise to 8.5% if the stimulus package was not passed. Obama and his spend all you can group promised us that sunny days would be here if we only passed this package. Well the results are in. Take a look at Bloomberg news – hardly an anti-Obama group.

“Employers in the U.S. cut 467,000 jobs in June, the unemployment rate rose and hourly earnings stagnated, offering little evidence the Obama administration’s stimulus package is shoring up the labor market.

The payroll decline was more than forecast and followed a 322,000 drop in May, according to Labor Department figures released today in Washington. The jobless rate jumped to 9.5 percent, the highest since August 1983, from 9.4 percent.”

What is even more revealing is that the current unemployment rate does not reflect those individuals who have given up looking for work! Riverside CA, Birmingham AL, and Detroit MI have over 20% unemployment rate if those figures are counted.

Are you enjoying the “change” your were promised? I am currently in Indiana and I can say from the heartland, this is not the change people are happy with.

Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Marci said...

Many simply are not yet willing to believe that anything is wrong and there unfortunately is still a segment of the population who TRULY believes this is still a "partisan" fight and continue to make it about the left/right and Obama. You are correct about the real numbers being huge. I ran out of UE benefits some time ago as MANY did. Those numbers aren't counted. Those who maybe were off work before the collapse but tried to go back...those aren't counted. Those who simply do not qualify for the benefits due to stricter UE qualifications. (different states, different level of lax...) The numbers are STAGGERING. I am looking for work and worry I may not see a glimmer of hope for a while. It's summertime and we are competing with kids for basic retail/service jobs as many of us are EVEN looking at that. (money is money) Sadder...our current government appears to WANT it this way. We are now talking another stimulus after Obama proclaimed the last one as a success today. Does ANYONE understand that this man BELEIVES WE ARE ALL STUPID??? Only a narcissist who feels so superior would do this...he talks, he lies, two days later, amends the lies. Let's wake up before it's too late. Our Congress is doing NOTHING and will be irrelevant soon with all of the unconstitutional CZARS in place. Let's take our country BACK. Who cares about partisans? We are AMERICANS. It's NOW that we have to realize that if we don't unite and look out for one another--no one else will. Excellent post by the way.

Kent said...

Not a kind or good word about America. The country is not his homeland, what is his problem.

Female Conservative of Ohio said...

Hate is not Change. Hate breaks things apart. Obama is the master of hate.
his personal ideaology is not about helping America change to a better economy. It is about CHANGE to ObamaLand of punishment.