Thursday, July 15, 2010


This Video went viral this year. It is a must see!

Submitted by Conservatives from Chuck On The Right Side.

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Bill Stenger said...

Never in the history of our republic has a person achieved the Office of President with so little information known about his past life and associations. He really is the "Manchurian President". You've got to hand it to Obama though, as he flim-flammed the Clinton's in the primary and the general public in the regular election, all with lofty rhetoric and an empty suit. Only lately do the suckers (the Obama supporters) realize that they were taken in by a skilled con man with an anti-American agenda. Maybe many of them now will right the ship of state by cutting off his funds by electing a new Congress in the November elections. Our country's survival hinges on the outcome.

Joseph said...

This video chills my blood. Every decent and America-loving Conservative must do all within their power as free citizens to return Congress to true Conservatives in November. If not we are headed for much worse. God help the United States of America. God help Israel. God help us all.
Joseph Maldonado

West Palm Beach Homes said...

Pretty scary stuff if you care to know the truth. Or you can just keep your head in the sand and pretend everything is hunkie dory. America deserves better!