Thursday, March 4, 2010

We The People

To President Obama,

It is time to give up on your plan to takeover Health care! Listen to the people, not the liberal Congress that wants to spend every cent we have and bankrupt America. You promised “Change” and that is what we got, your attempts at destroying the Constitution.
Can you hear us now?

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1 comment:

Art Brown said...

Very interesting video! It shows the frustration that the average American feels for his government and the people who are in charge. The phony elitist liberals, who continually mock the Tea Party people and the peaceful protesters, are orchestrating a backlash against themselves by their condescending attitude, and their belittling rhetoric, in trying to marginalize this group of patriotic, concerned Americans who love their country more than Barack Hussein Obama. The political bloodbath directed at the Democrats will take place in November when we will clean the HOUSE and SENATE of the vermin that now reside there.