Monday, March 1, 2010


When Barack Hussein Obama was elected President, the feeling among his supporters was that he and his new Administration was the second coming of Camelot - a reincarnated JFK in the person of Obama.

Well, after one year in office the shine has dulled on the Obama Administration and references to JFK have all but vanished from the political landscape.

Many people had high hopes for this young, articulate, black/white President. During the campaign, he came across, to the general public, as a sensible middle of the road candidate, even though pundits, like myself, questioned his experience and his associates from his political base in Chicago, who would be following him to the White House, and notwithstanding his designation as the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate. People didn’t want to hear anything negative about the future “Messiah”, it was a case of idol worship run amok. In some ways, during the campaign, he sounded more conservative than his opponent, the supposedly conservative, John McCain.

But alas, upon starting his term in office, he immediately embarked on his vow to totally “transform” America as we know it, which he vaguely mentioned during the campaign. Either people actually knew what he meant by the “transformation” of America as we know it or they did not know the ramifications, and they must’ve now been surprised by the boldness of his actions throughout his first year in office. It seems that most people do not want to go along with the changes and policies he is proposing. The unraveling started when the phenomenon of the “Tea Parties” came about, almost spontaneously, around the country. Many people, from all political persuasions, were not buying the “snake oil” that Obama was trying to sell. Since he (Obama) and his Administration seem to have “tin ears”, they couldn’t or wouldn’t face up to the discontent that was building up or running rampant throughout the country, and to the “transformation” (health care reform, Cap and Trade etc.) that he was trying to shove down the throats of the citizens of the United States. It further escalated during the summer recess when the legislators went back to their home districts to meet with their constituents at town hall meetings.

Many frustrated and sometimes angry voters questioned their representatives, trying to get answers to their concerns, but when the representatives (mostly Democrats) tried to answer and justify those policies, using the talking points of the DNC (Democratic National Committee), the audiences erupted in sometimes rancorous confrontations. Many of the Democratic representatives, including our own, Rep. Ron Klein and Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, refused to schedule town hall meetings for fear of being challenged by the concerned citizens of their congressional districts.

This lack of concern shown by this Administration about the skepticism and fears of the populace, resulted in major defeats by the Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and in addition, caused the retirements of many incumbents who announced that they will not run for reelection in November, 2010.

So what started out as a return to Camelot has morphed into a depressing case of Obamalot headed by the “Pied Piper of Cluelessness” himself, Barack Hussein Obama, who seems hell-bent on pushing those unfavorable policies on the public, come hell or high water? Look for major changes in Wash. D.C. this coming November.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Stop Marxism said...

Chuck is right, Obama wants to transform America to suit the Radicals. Obama is not as dumb as he looks, he learned from Rev. Wright, Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinskys's book. Hussein Obama may think we have 57 States and not know Iowa from Ottawa, but he sure knows "Rules for Radicals".

Jack Herlihy said...

Can you believe that our "Narcissist in Chief" is so wrapped up in himself that he can't read the "tea leaves" and see that the vast majority of people don't want his radical policies enacted?
Is he so blinded by his liberal radical philosophy that he can't see the anger and frustration that people have, as they they witness him leading us to financial ruin, just like in Greece and Argentina? Isn't it amazing that a person that is so smart can be so dumb at the same time?