Saturday, June 20, 2009

Conservative Thought of the Week

"The "Progressives" (a/k/a liberals) who dominate politics in the states of New York, California, Michigan, and Ohio, target the rich (by over taxing them) on grounds that they have the ability to pay more. They also have the ability to leave the state.
In N.Y., for instance, from 1997 to 2006 the state lost 409,000 people. For every 2 people who moved into the state, 3 fled. Lately, two former N.Y. tax paying multi-millionaires left the state, Tom Golisano, Pres. of Paychex, and Rush Limbaugh, the #1 talk show host in America, both moved down to Florida to avoid the oppressive taxes of the Empire State. A Supreme Court justice once commented, "The power to tax is the power to destroy". Can't N.Y., and the other states, realize that they are "cutting off their noses to spite their faces" by punishing the producers of wealth by over taxing them and losing their tax revenue in the process? They all must be stuck on stupid!

Submitted by: Chuck Lehmann

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Norm K. said...

Census shows more leaving Michigan than arriving. I assume these numbers will change and become favorable to promote another “Tax Heavy” Governor after ACORN gets their slimy hands on the Census.
California is on the brink of Bankruptcy with their illegal immigration, high taxes and blow-hard liberal causes. This Obama administration is following that path, with extreme speed.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of California and I'm native born. I am retired but pay far too much on taxes. I can't afford it. Guess I'll be moving to my Oregon property and less taxes from me for California. They can have Boxer and Pelosi and Frankenstein. These California representatives will destroy the state.

Western Patriot said...

I live in Arizona, and we have seen more than our share of CA residents coming here. They are the reason we are suffering Janet Napolitano's inept administration. If you can't leave your CA politics and your arrogant need for "showing us how to run things" behind, please stay in California.
The ones who support Babs Boxer, Pelosi and their sorry politics should feel responsibility to go down with your bloated ship, you are the ones who caused it to happen.

Pete Langston said...

RE; Anonymous said
Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein. The 3 Muskrats, heavy on the RAT portion.
You notice how all 3 are extremely wealthy and could afford to bankrupt California, financially and morally, then take their private jet and move to another country.