Monday, June 22, 2009

Can You Remember?

Most of us, who have “been around the block a few times”, can remember the good ole days, but very conveniently forget the days that weren’t so good.

Let’s take a look back at yesteryear and see if you can remember some of the things I can remember.

I can remember when the thought of America being a loser never occurred to you.

I can remember when giving mercy to the guilty (i.e. Islamic-fascist terrorists) was cruelty to the innocent people and soldiers they attacked.

I can remember when college students burned the “midnight oil” instead of burning cars and buildings to protest or celebrate a school athletic victory or to “right” a perceived wrong.

I can remember when a discussion in a high school or college had two sides to it.

I can remember when “permissiveness” was only practiced by the rich.

I can remember when a song had a melody and contained understandable words, and a man and a woman could dance to it - together.

I can remember when liberals, like JFK, believed that to generate extra income for the government; you lowered the marginal tax rates instead of raising them.

I can remember when a person who didn’t stand for the pledge of allegiance didn’t stand only because he/she was crippled.

I can remember when someone told an ethnic or racial joke, the biggest laughs usually came from the people who were the butt of the joke, and they didn’t worry if it was politically correct or not.

I can remember when a Democrat, who was chosen to work in a Democratic administration, paid their owed income taxes before they were nominated.

I can remember when college professors were called absent-minded or biased only in jokes.

I can remember when “pot” was something carried around by the next door neighbor just above his belt.

I can remember when other people’s achievements were considered to be an inspiration rather than a grievance.

I can remember when government was concerned with what we did, in relation to committing a crime, and not concerned with how we feel or felt as determined by a government official, to mete out punishment.

I can remember when the phrase, “Rob Peter to pay Paul”, was only found in the bible, instead of being part of the economic philosophy stated in today’s political platform of the Democrats.

I can remember when “Drunken sailors” were considered to be fiscally irresponsible, not our President or Congressmen, who now make “Drunken sailors” look to be fiscally responsible. What a country!

I can remember when out-of-wedlock births were 5% as compared to today’s 40% (70% in the black community), and that was before the “War on Poverty” was begun and before sex education was taught in the schools.

I can remember when star baseball players like Hank Aaron, Mike Schmitt, and Willie Mays became stars by using their god given talents and abilities rather than by using performance enhancing drugs like some of the recent players have done.

After reading all of the above, what can you remember?

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Marge said...

I can remember when College Professors allowed students to think for themselves. Now many Colleges push their radical liberal agenda on our college kids.

Saraj said...

I agree. Students need to have the opportunity to learn how to think objectively...not what to think. This is America and we are a society or supposed to be a society of freethinkers.

Albert said...

Yes, Mike Schmitt and Hank Aaron were “Pure” Hitters. Sadly they never received the extravagant pay that a Manny Ramirez gets. Talk about spoiled rotten, most current players fight over an extra 2 million per year like it was peanuts.