Sunday, October 16, 2016

You Can't Polish Horse Manure! Part 2

Every time another damaging item of scandal comes to light about Hillary Clinton, a gaggle of Hillary idolaters and sycophantic media pundits fall all over themselves in making excuses for her indiscretions and lies. As an example, a loyal Clinton flack, lawyer Lanny Davis, is always trotted out to spin the facts that it is just another right-wing conspiracy against the Clinton's by trying to impugn the actions and motives of the “Simon Pure” Clinton's for purely political purposes. But, the overwhelming litany of misdeeds and obfuscations of Hillary (and Bill) makes it difficult for these Clinton apologists to make their hero a moral, trustworthy and sincere figure. In other words, they can't polish horse manure.

Almost anybody with half a brain realizes that Hillary dodged a bullet by not being indicted by the Justice Department. Thank god for Hillary that the Justice Department is under the control of her political “mentor”, President Barack Obama, who doesn't want another stain on his otherwise stained legacy. The F.B.I. investigated Hillary for months, and when they were ready to make their recommendation to the Justice Department, F.B.I. Director, James Comey, spent 13 minutes of a 15 minute presentation, presenting a rehash of the damning evidence they had uncovered about her, but in the last two minutes of his diatribe, he did a complete 180 degree turn and recommended no indictment. It was like Comey choked or he followed orders from his boss, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who just days before met privately with Hillary's horndog husband, Bill, on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport. That meeting had every appearance of an “arranged” chance meeting of friends that most likely led to the decision not to indict his wife. Something smelled rotten in Denmark, and it further pointed out to most everyone that there is a “two-tier system” of justice, one for the Clinton's, and one for the rest of us poor slobs. Others have spent time in prison for doing much less than what Hillary has done in putting our national security at risk, and then constantly lying about it to the public and to the authorities, including a Congressional committee.

One thing you must admire, is the fanaticism of the Clinton supporters and Democrat party hacks. It seems that nothing that Hillary has done in the past would change their minds about her viability to be our next president. It's like if Hillary was captured on videotape robbing a bank, her rabidly blind supporters would claim that she was only making a withdrawal. That's how fanatical and totally inured to her misdeeds they are and have become. The empress has no clothes.

So, as we stated in our headline, no matter how hard these Hillary lovers try, the can't polish horse manure.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

The choir hears it, but the congregation is deaf.

Lou Steinberg said...

Hillary Clinton is the perfect liberal politician, she'll do anything for the workers except become one of them. She's about as useless as a knitted condom.