Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Object, Resist, Stymie & Block

Sounds like a firm of shady lawyers, doesn’t it? Or, is it – crooked accountants?
With my half-hearted apologies to all attorneys & accountants – a little sarcasm here, at
your expense. Call it, Pro Bono. There, does that help?

‘Object, resist, stymie and block’ is I believe, precisely what is needed to stop
Obama’s lunacy – meaning, his relentless drive to spend our country into oblivion. He
has long since exploded his own pet theory about spending our way out of an economy
that grows worse by the hour. It hasn’t worked. It cannot work. It is the epitome of a
lunatic theory that has never worked. It is pie in the sky. It is worse than pie in the sky
– it is idiotic. And, it is the cornerstone of ‘obama’s’ economic master plan. So, if that’s
his big shot at saving this nation’s economy – where does that leave us? It leaves us
$16 TRILLION dollars in debt – and counting. What a genius. Now, all you intelligent
voters who returned this monster to office for four more years – how’s that workin’ out?

More and more, we hear from ‘middle-class Americans’ about the intolerable increases
at the gas pump, the supermarket, their health care, insurance and everything they buy.

And what are we getting from the Clown-in-Charge who occasionally occupies the Oval
Office in the White House? We are getting ‘Executive Orders’ to provide pay raises
for the millions of Government workers, excepting the military of course. And, Mr.Butt-
Head-in-Chief has provided another $2.2 BILLION worth of free-cell phones and free
minutes to the hard-working unemployed so they can ostensibly, call around for a job.
Who believes that even a dozen of these phones will ever contribute to employing those
who are currently the hard-working unemployed? More idiocy. Yet, another off-the-wall
solution to a chronic problem. A problem that has been exacerbated by the hubris and
inexperience of ‘barack HUSSEIN obama’, the economic Wizard from Mars.

So, you even harder-working ‘middle-class’ Americans – what can you do about your
effort to survive the ever-increasing cost of living? Pick up the phone and call your
local Congressman or Congresswoman and scream into the phone – “OBJECT,
RESIST, STYMIE AND BLOCK” every single, damned Obama spending bill that
comes up for a vote! And, don’t think for a minute, that I’ll forget how you voted when
the time comes to vote for you, again. Am I getting through to ya, Congress-person?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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1 comment:

Phil Bono said...

No country ever spent or taxed themselves into prosperity. The Obama Zonbies claim that we do not spend enough government funds (our tax money)to jump start the moribund economy that we have, well after spending over $800 billion, where are all the jobs or new businesses?