Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tea-Party explained


There are gatherings being held throughout the United States, by patriots who want to express their grievances about a variety of issues having to do with government at all levels but – mostly the Fed.

No doubt, you’ve heard of them. They gather under the banner of, ‘Tea Party’ and were so named after the original ‘difference of opinion’ that took place in Boston harbor. It seems that a bunch of American colonists back then, became fed up with King George III and his domineering ways. And so, they decided to dump some bales of tea into the Bay rather than pay old George’s punitive taxes on the stuff.

The folks who show up at these latter-day ‘Tea Party’ gatherings feel equally as fed-up with arrogant King Hussein Obama’s punitive policies as the original protesters felt about being bullied at the hands of ‘His Royal Arrogance’- King George. And so, bunches of ordinary citizens gather peacefully at public locations throughout the country, in order to express their feelings on matters of mutual interest.

Our geographic area happens to be the home of, “The longest-running continuous Tea Party in the United States”. It’s called, “TEA PARTY – FTL” (Tea-Party-Ft. Lauderdale). It draws participants from Miami in the South and from as far North as West Palm Beach. Each Saturday between 1:00 and 3:00PM throughout the year, from dozens to a hundred or more true American patriots gather at the intersection of Oakland Park Blvd and Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale. They bring with them, American flags of all vintage and hand-made signs of every description. Many of these folks are accompanied by their kids, pets and coolers full of ice cubes and bottles of water. I’ve never seen an alcoholic beverage at these events – never, ever.

These are friendly, non-violent, non-racist, down-the-line-true-blue Americans. Many will tell you that this is their first involvement in any such protest-type movement. And let’s be clear, this is a grass-roots ‘movement’ – not a politically-based party. These are loosely-formed groups that gather regularly to express their heart-felt feelings about where this nation is headed. They are angered at how oppressive regulations and unprecedented binge spending are being mandated by this Administration with the willing support of the Democrat majority in the Congress – in reaction to declared crisis after crisis.

The anger of these Tea Party demonstrators results from their realization that this Administration and the enabling leadership in the Congress are following an ideology and a direction that is not condoned by the majority of the citizens of this country – as shown in poll after poll. In other words, our elected representatives are ignoring the expressed wishes of those who elected them. It’s as simple as that.

The over-riding theme of the Tea Parties calls for much smaller government with far less regulation of our free-market system and much less intrusion into our private lives. There is considerable consternation about the avalanche of government-imposed regulations that increasingly limit our traditional freedoms as specifically provided for in The Constitution of the United States. Tea Partiers are solidly unified in their desire to return to the basic principles of governance that our Founding Fathers wrote into that hallowed document.

While most folks ‘on the corner’ passively hold up their signs or wave their flags at the passing vehicles, some will shout out the message written on the signs they are holding. The reaction from passing traffic fills the air with the sound of blaring auto horns and ear-splitting air-horns from passing trucks and tractor-trailer rigs. The noise level is high – and it is constant. People in their vehicles do not hesitate to express their solidarity with the sentiments expressed on the signs they see being waved on the corner.

Mixed-in with the reactions from those who agree, are the occasional shouts of derision from those who do not. Often, these negative comments are screamed out using some pretty foul language, aimed at the folks standing ‘on the corner’. And frequently, these obscene outbursts are accompanied by jutting middle fingers. Obviously, there are those in the passing parade of traffic, who want to make it known that they take violent objection to the Tea Party demonstrators and their messages. This is all part and parcel of the dwindling right of free speech that we still enjoy in this land of ours. And, to the extent that our public speech is still free – these opposing viewpoints are tolerable. The uncouth behavior is classless but, the freedom to express their views is still a good thing.

Well, that’s my rambling explanation of what the Tea Party ‘movement’ is all about. There is no doubt that these demonstrations are having an effect on how voters are thinking about the upcoming mid-term elections.

What I take away from every such event I attend, is that there are a lot of good, solid, freedom-loving veterans, civilians, patriots and every day Americans who are strongly opposed to the ‘fundamental’ changes being jammed down our throats. They’re simply not going to let it happen.

These are my people and I love ‘em. I’m proud to stand with them.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF © 2010

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Ralph from Austin said...

Mort describes the Tea Party as "friendly, non-violent, non-racist, down-the-line-true-blue Americans". That is so true yet the MSM makes the Tea Party out to be Nazis. Who are un-friendly, RACIST, Anti-American? The LEFT with their leader Barry Soetoro leading the way of "hate for America".

Stephen Austin said...

Mort, way to set the record straight about the people who make up the Tea Party movement. Can you believe the hypocrisy of the liberals who rail against "profiling" (even against Arizona which doesn't profile), but then use the profiling tactic against the Tea Party people by calling them rednecks, fascists, angry radicals, racists and other epithets that are completely false?
These liberal loons mock the Tea Party people at their own peril - as they will clean their clock this coming Nov. 2.