Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mitt Romney at CPAC 2009

I think most of you will enjoy this speech with the Links enclosed.

I believe Mitt Romney would have been perfect for the Country given its current conditions. How can anyone think Obama could be a better Leader for our Economy than Mitt? That must be some strong Kool Aid these Radical Left Wingers are drinking.
However, that is just one man's opinion and 52% of America chose a different route. One of spending more than President Bush ever imagined. All the while leaving our Country far more "Unsafe" under this current leadership.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Please click above link on Part 1.
When watching Part 1, look to the right side and you see "Related Videos", there you should see part 2 & 3 of this speech.

If Part 2 & 3 are not visible at youtube, then you can come back here to click Part 2 & 3.

Mitt BLOWS away Barry Obama and Joey Biden, if you could combine their intelligence quotas.

Submitted by Kirk
"Chuck on the Right Side"

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