Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quote from Henry Morganthau, FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury

Quote from Henry Morganthau, FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury.

He admits the whole thing ( The New Deal) failed.Here’s what Henry Morganthau said in May, 1939, 7 years after the New Deal began and the country was still in the throes of the Great Depression.

“We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and now if I am wrong somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosper. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say after seven years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started. And an enormous debt to boot”.
That was the Secretary of the Treasury in charge of the money disbursement and statistics collection during the 1930’s, making that statement.

“Those who don’t remember the past, are bound to repeat it”, (George Santayana quote). Tell that to President Obama and the Democratic Congress, as they are giving drunken sailors a bad name by their profligate, irresponsible spending and thereby mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future.

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