Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bias exhibited by Professor Robert Watson

November 30, 2008
Dear Editor: The bias exhibited by Professor Robert Watson is quite evident to everyone except the Sun-Sentinel.His tirade against President George W. Bush in the Sun-Sentinel ( Nov. 30) was a continuation of his vendetta against President Bush that he has conducted over the past 8 years, many times in the pages of the Sun-Sentinel.Most historians can and should praise or criticize a sitting president - but a really non-partisan historian would withhold his scholarly evaluation of his presidency after a reasonable amount of time has passed after he has left office. Using his method of exclaiming George W. Bush the " worst" president in history, I wonder what he would've wrote when Harry Truman was leaving office? He has consistently blamed Bush for anything that went wrong in the country or the world, but never once gave him any credit for the positive happenings during his administration such as his prescient "war on terror" and his liberating of over 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan.Professor Watson is the poster boy for why academia is often accused of being in the pocket of the liberal establishment. It is he that should be labeled " irrelevant" - not President Bush.


Chuck Lehmann
"Chuck on the Right Side"

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